Saturday, February 12, 2011

Outback Aromas ~ Angel Kisses

Recently I had the privilege to review the Outback Aromas, Angel Kisses candle.

When the Outback Aromas box arrived, I could smell the delicious contents before I even opened it. Their scents are divine!

Angel Kisses is Outback Aromas lavender plus special secret ingredients scent. Before the candle was lit this delicious candle had our home filled with its scent.

After burning for 30 mins...

and after burning for 60 minutes...

As you can see, the 60 hour candle, had not melted completely to the sides of the glass after 1 hour, so I can see that this candle would definitely last the promised 60 hours.

I love soy candles. Here is some great information straight from the Outback Aromas site…

Candle tip: always remember to trim the wick down to 5mm between each candle burning session. If the candle begins to smoke, blow it out and trim the wick. If it’s smoking, chances are it’ll burn too fast.


  1. I like candles, they add such a pretty essence to a room, a dining table, that sort of thing. But I do prefer ones with no scent, though.

  2. I do love candles and I love the scented ones even more.

  3. I've acquired loads of candles, the latest smell and look like candy. Not really my taste, but actually they are nice. I just need to remember to light them and relax more often!


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