Monday, January 17, 2011

Get Me Out Of Here

This is a poem I wrote while I was re-writing my WIP. It helped me to really get inside the head and emotions of my main character. Her name is Stephanie and she was not in a happy place...


The music pounding in my head

This place too wretched to find a friend

I’ll never ever find my place

I’ll never ever show my face

I’ll let this music blow my mind

It’s loud and fierce to steal the time

I know and want too much now

I won’t find it in this town

Just let me head south

Words stuck in my mouth

I want to scream

I scream in my dreams

I want to yell at you

Don’t tell me what to do

How could you misplace me?

I tell you and you don’t see

I’ll show you that I can

I’ll go and live with my friend

I’ll rule my own life

I’ll keep out of strife

Play this music

I feel so sick

I’m hiding my emotion

I don’t want your attention

Get me out of here

Never leaving is my fear

To you I have nothing to give

I want out, I want to live

How do you get into your character's heads and emotions?


  1. Ahh Michele, I ran my mouse over my Followers with a prayer.."Lord give me someone today."
    So here I am, and I am giving you a great big HUG!!! Hey mate, chooks rule! xx

  2. That definitely gives you a sense of where she is. Great idea for becoming more in touch with a character.

  3. Wow that really is full of strong emotion, well done! Because I predominantly write picture books it is easy for me to get into the head of my main character as most of the time I am 5 :)

    When not I just think about my little sister (who is now 27!) and how she was when she was very little :)

  4. I was that girl years ago Michelle! I can so remember those conversations in my head! Praise God that I am no longer in that head space! Great way of drawing out thoughts in your characters Michelle xx


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