Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did you read...

Some helpful, interesting articles and blog posts I recently came across.

Last time I linked up '3 reasons why your internal editor sucks' .... Here's another artical as good as the last on Why Your Inner Critic is Your Best Friend.

Hope Clark asks... What Will you Read in 2011? & shows us a book to help writers get productive 'The Productive Writer'

Jody Hedlund asks a great question... Do fiction readers really read author blogs?

In my quandary of not wanting to use expletives in my novel I came across 'The Alternative Expletive Project' …some great alternatives, but not one that I needed.

An international contest... The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

One for Aussies... An all Australian frequent buyer/reader club ( I think I'll check out Barossa Women by Margaret Stiller in Feb)

See you all next time... with another bundle of fabulous links

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