Thursday, January 27, 2011


As I was working on my WIP, I came to the major climax and again splashed words on paper to get into the mind of my main character. It was only when I did this, that I could move her forward to complete my novel.


Forlorn and frozen

Taken at last

Undone, overwhelmed

Open and ashamed

In a breath

Stop to breathe

In the words

Spoken already

Turn to truth

Lose the lies

Weep no more

Your future is fine

Your past is a mess



Not forgotten

Sin removed

Shame clings

Look forward

Not back

Morn the ugliness

Yesterday’s bitterness

One step at a time

One foot in front of the other

One moment of truth

Tomorrow starts new


Some brainstorm, some do mind maps ... I splash words on paper and call it poetry.


  1. It most certainly is poetry. Just gorgeous, Michelle. xx

  2. Wow! Amazing! I had to read it twice. This is beautiful and powerful. xo

  3. I like this, and had never considered it before. The process seems like it has a lot of energy to it, to really spark the muse.

  4. Frenetic writing, it reads like it spilled out of you. Thank you for sharing.

    Is there a reason you spelled it "devestated" in the text, but headed it with "devastated?"

  5. Purging does wonderful things for you.

  6. This rushes through and ends on just the right note. I vote poetry. And I liked it very much.


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