Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alphabet Soup Magazine

I love a good magazine. The fist magazine I subscribed to was in primary school. It was aimed at kids and had loads of stories and poetry written by kids. I remember entering one of the competitions and my consolation prize was a stapler… I think it broke only a couple of years ago!

Let me introduce you to Alphabet Soup Magazine - similar but miles-apart-better.


My kid’s mag was small and black & white - possibly photocopied.

Alphabet Soup is A4, loaded with colour and professionally printed.

During my first flick through, I have to admit, I didn’t think it would grab my 10 year old boy’s attention. …. I was wrong. He loved it. He especially enjoyed reading the entries by other children.

This quarterly magazine is aimed at 6 to 12 year old children.

I found it had a healthy balance between children and adult writing and illustrations throughout Alphabet Soup.

This magazine is entertaining, educational, engaging and encouraging. You’ll find each edition filled with stories, poetry, artwork, book reviews, puzzles & competitions.

If you think this might add joy to your family pop over now and subscribe.

I have the Summer Edition of Alphabet Soup (pictured above) to give to one (Aussie) reader.
A simple "Please enter me" in the comments below will enter you into the draw.
The winner will be drawn using on Friday 4th February 2011.

Did you read good quality kids magazine as a child? What memories do you have?


  1. My 7yr already subscribes to this magazine, it is fantastic, she has only received 2 editions so far, but is hanging out for the next edition.

  2. I read the B & W NSW's school mag with a passion. I even got to be a writer for my school's newsletter/mag & interview the teachers about team sports or crack a funny joke LOL.
    OK please enter me.

  3. Please enter me! I don't have any good kids' magazine memories as a child because I don't think they were made back then. (I'm a late 1967 baby). I do remember Saturday mornings, when my Mum would drive my much older sister to work for the morning and we'd do shopping and stuff rather than drive home and come back. If we were good, we got a comic each, and for me it was an Archie and Veronicas one. Not educational at all, I'd say, and I always wished I could send away for the x-ray glasses and twinkies, but you had to live in America. These sound much better!

  4. please enter me. I don't remember if there were any magazines when I a child... I just remember getting excited to see the Scholastic catalogues as it meant I might get a new book!

  5. Enter me: My 7yo will love this! He loves reading and always eagerly looks through his newsletter when he gets it from school. Hmmmm I dont remember having anything when I was younger.

  6. I didn't even know you subscribed to a magazine...and won a stapler!? Where was I??
    Oh yeah, too busy been mean to you! :( xxx

  7. The magazine looks terrific. I'm in Canada, so don't enter me :) I'm popping over to check out the link!

  8. Please enter me:-) My little miss 11 love to read
    she is such a book worm these days lol... Well she doesn't take after me that's for sure lol....
    I dont remember getting mags as a child ?

  9. Please enter me. My eldest little pink child is just getting into thing like this and I'm sure - she'd love it. Thank-you.

  10. Please enter me :) I agree with Nelbe I use to love the Scholastic catalogues it was so exciting!!

  11. Please enter me: I don't remember any good quality kids mags as achild.


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