Sunday, December 19, 2010

Final! ... So you want to publish a novel?

This will be my final post for two weeks,

My final post this year,

My final post for 2010!!!!

It all comes down to the fact that I want to publish a novel….

Hehehehe hope you enjoyed that … so so so so so funny!! I never get tired of watching it.

And then there’s the other reason that I made a commitment to be present, and in the moment on a daily basis with my kids over a 90 day period in which we are more than 30 days into.

So because of that little challenge and the fact that I want to get my book submitted I am taking a two week break from blogging, reading blogs, facebook and twitter. I will be enjoying time with my family and spending spare moments revising my WIP.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an awesome, larger than life 2011.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Indulging Party

Sometimes you know your friends are doing something that you know is totally awesome but it’s not until you see the finished product that you can fully appreciate the awesomeness of the awesome project.

The I luv those shoes project sprang into my world a couple of months ago. My friend Charissa, her sister Natasha and two other gorgeous women, Tanya and Angela together with a talented team, have produced a free, online, glossy style magazine.

Last weekend I was privileged to rub shoulders with the stars of the “Indulge” eMagazine at the launch party. And boy, does this team know how to host a great launch party!

Here I am with my beautiful friend Jo who stars in Indulge on page 5 and page 24.

There were so many inspiring women at the launch party. I know that if I was to start listing the amazing conversations I had, I'd miss out someone really important. Lets just say – the line up for the next editions of Indulge will be just as awesome as the first.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Zealand Holiday

Recently hubby and I had a holiday in New Zealand.

Hubby joked as we sat waiting for the plane to leave Brisbane airport that this holiday was going to make or break us. So if there was ever any doubt, we are closer than ever. I loved having the privilege to spend every hour of every day for a whole week with my hubby.

Funny… they ran out of food (meals) on the plane.

Blessed… the concierge on duty at our hotel leant us his car to buy Maccas at 1:30am.

Funny … we were planning to drive ourselves around the south island in the smallest car available.

Blessed…. We were upgraded to a nifty, comfortable mid size car

We saw sheep!

And we saw amazing colours...
We checked out a little history and went for a walk....

We stopped for some cheese and crackers by this pond... inspiring 3 picture books

I saw snow for the first time!!!!

Beautiful lakes...

the view from our room at Twizel

We also had an amazing view at Queenstown, over the lake, out towards The Remarkables. But I must have been enjoying too much wine while I was writing (I completed my 50000 word novel plus 30 picture book ideas in November) with the magnificent view in the background. I took no photos in Queenstown!

We saw more ....

The reason for our holiday...
So happy, so in love. Their's was a beautiful ceremony and reception. It was truly a blessing that we could share this moment with our friends.

Super spunk!!!!!

Amazing round rocks on the beach.

And then we saw some more....
And also ... my favourite... some ...
dairy cows!!!!

It's taken me a while to post this, because even though I had an amazing time away with my hubby and I'm very thankful that we could witness our friends wedding. I'm content to stay in Australia. This was my first time out of the country and I haven't got the travel bug. Maybe in a few years from now (perhaps 10 or so) I'd be happy to go somewhere in the world again sometime. But right now, I know that this is my mummy season. I love being full time mum. Full time nurturer. Full time teacher. To my 4 children. Leaving my kids for a whole week again in the near future would be very difficult for me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Now we all start with a blank canvas…

And then… in come the kids, such wonderful stylists they are! I don’t move anything around anymore. They do a great job. And they love that I don’t touch it after they’ve created their master piece.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Friday, December 10, 2010

The only 12.5 Writing Rules you'll ever need

I found a great poster over on Shannon O'Donnell's blog I loved it so much, I thought I post about it here so that you can check it out as well. Please pop over to Shannon's blog, it's absolutely fabulous!

Check it out... The only 12.5 writing rules you'll ever need...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Session - Albertine

I listen to this song all the time. I love love love it. Especially this line...

“Now that I have seen I am responsible”

These words are driving factor in my life. No, I have never been into the corners of the world where people have the greatest needs. But I have seen. I know their needs. I will not sit pretty in my wealthy country while there are children sleeping on concrete, going to bed hungry or suffering.

I can't fix the problem. I can't be the solution to every child in need. But one thing I choose to do is sponsor children through Compassion.

Over the past couple of years, our Christmas shopping has included gifts from the Gifts of Compassion catalogue. This year my children will be receiving a chicken, baking supplies, a soccer ball and a goat. (Shh don’t tell them) I plan to buy them a stuffed or plastic toys to remind them of the Compassion gift we have given to a child and their family. We’ll also be giving a gift from our family to another of a small business starter. I love that Compassion have included gifts that can then provide families with new skills or equipment to generate an income for themselves.

Go on… Get extra generous this Christmas. Support your favourite charity.

Thank you Thea for starting this fun idea of Sunday Session... even when I do play along with my own rules.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Story of The Star, The Stable and The Saviour

The Story of The Star, The Stable and The Saviour written by Cameron Semmens and illustrated by Rod Allen.

This is a fun and witty story centring all scenes around the ‘S’ sound. The book is surprisingly startling, the kids laughed and bought it for themselves.

It's a fun read-a-loud.

Story of the Star, The Stable and The Saviour is published by

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moments for Mum ~ Book Review

I found the amazing Narelle Nettelbeck early last year in bloggy land. Her blog, ‘Moments for Mum’ is so encouraging that I ordered her book titled, ‘Moments for Mum.’

Moments for Mum is a book filled with 61 short, daily encouragements.

In each of the 61 sections, Narelle gives honest and down to earth reflections on her own life. I love her friendly way of cheering the reader on to move forward in their own life and to remember to always look upwards.

Even though the title states ‘daily devotionals’, the pages are not dated so you can move through the book at your own pace. Every time I picked up Moments for Mum, I found I read something pertaining to what I was going through that very day. The sections are indexed, so if you prefer, you can go straight to topics like grief, anger and attitude to read an encouraging word to brighten your day.

A great Christmas gift perhaps…

You can find detail of where to purchase Narelle’s book HERE

Or ….

You can visit the Auctions for Dignity and Hope facebook page and bid on the copy that Narelle has so very generously donated.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kids created Nativity

Christmas Craft…

From the not so crafty mum

Last year I was so inspired by Squigglemum's toilet roll nativity that we made this one.

We only made it a week before Christmas so I’m getting organized early this year.

Today I plan to pull out saved toilet rolls and paper rolls, bits and pieces of fabric, ribbon, paper and string and let the kids go for it.

Last year after Christmas, the nativity scene we had made became a great activity for the children to play with and re-tell the Christmas story in their own words.

This year with our youngest now 3 it’s probably safe to bring out our ceramic nativity set, but I really enjoyed having the kiddy made one last year so we will proudly display both.

I’d love to see your nativities, please send me links.