Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who Is It?

Friday Flash Fiction
Written using the WAG #31 Prompt

You sit there high and mighty, staring me down. Then float on over where we meet face to face. Those beady eyes make me feel like meat. It makes me wonder, do you have anything else on your mind? All that stands between us now is a pane of glass. The narrow ledge you stand on is a balancing act for most but you seem to have mastered it in your travels. Standing firm on two feet, lifting your shoulders to comfort yourself, yes, I’ve had my eye on you for a while. You’ve soared across the lawn to get close. I watch you as you sit, knocking on that glass. If you tap on it one more time I tell you, I’ll smash it. Your freedom excites me, your energy attracts me. All I want is to hear you laugh. All I want is to understand your happiness. So instead of talking and trying to work you out, I’ll try to speak your language, ‘Koo-Koo-Koo-Kah-Kaa-Kook-ahhh.’

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Poem - Triumphant

Take five and pop over to Soft Whispers to see my new poem posted there today - 'Triumphant'

Friday, July 16, 2010


Friday Flash Fiction
WAG challenge #30 prompt 'Broken'
NaNoWriMo random number challenge - my number came up 83 - this story has 83 words.

I seem to have lost my hat. I know it was on the hat stand by the door until the stand fell over and was broken. No, it didn’t fall, it was knocked over by Pa. He came through the door in a stumbling rush. At 83, you’d think he’d slow up on the grog, but no, drunker than I’d ever seen him last night. Now my hat has vanished, Pa is hung over and our hat stand may as well be tossed.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gotta Love a Queenslander.....

I love this...
It was one of those emails being sent around a while ago. I thought of it after I posted Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
Hope you enjoy


1. Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot.

2. Turn your cap right, your head isn't crooked.

3. Let's get this straight; it's called a 'dirt road...' I drive a ute because I want to. No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way.

4. They are cattle. They're live steaks. That's why they smell funny to you. But they smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? Pacific Highway goes to New South Wales and the Newell Highway goes the same way and continues to Victoria . Pick one.

5. So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $250,000 cattle trucks that are driven only 3 weeks a year.

6. So every person in rural Queensland waves. It's called being friendly... Try to understand the concept.

7. If that mobile phone rings while a mob of wild pigs are coming in, we WILL shoot it out of your hand. You'd better hope you don't have it up to your ear at the time.

8. Yes, we eat steak and chips, chops and chips and sausage and chips and they DO come with BBQ or Tomato sauce. You really want sushi & caviar? It's available at the bait shop.

9. The 'Opener' refers to the first day of barramundi season. It's a religious holiday held the closest Saturday to the first of November.

10. We open doors for women. That is applied to all women, regardless of age.

11. No, there's no 'vegetarian special' on the menu. Order steak. Or you can order the Chef's Salad and pick off the 2 pounds of ham & chicken.

12. When we sit down at the table, there are three main dishes: meats, vegetables, and breads. We use three spices: salt, pepper, and tomato sauce. Oh, yeah.... We don't care what you folks in Canberra call that stuff you eat... IT AIN'T REAL CHILLI!!

13. You bring 'coke' into my house, it'd better be brown, wet and served over ice.

14. You bring 'Mary Jane' into my house, she'd better be cute, know how to shoot, drive a truck, and have long hair.

15. The local Rugby League and High School Football is as important here as the Storm and the Roosters, and more fun to watch. No matter what you say, that other funny game is still V.F.L.

16. Yes, we have golf courses. But don't hit the water hazards -- it scares the crocs.

17. Turn down that blasted car stereo! That thumpity-thump crap isn't music, anyway. We don't want to hear it any more than we want to see your undies. Refer back to #1.

18. 2 inches of rain isn't a cyclone - it's a blessing... Drive like you've got some sense in it, and DON'T take all our bread, milk, and bleach from the grocery stores or beer from our pubs. This isn't Melbourne - worst case you may have to live a whole day without croissants. The creeks and rivers will be down again in a few hours. If not the SES will come and get you.

And as it isn't mine and I don't know the writer - I guess you a welcome to copy it for your own amusement :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Friday Flash Fiction
Written for Soft Whispers Pic 1 k - 2nd prize winner

‘Des, do you remember when we were in the building phase?' Joe asked. 'And we thought nothing would come in our way, and we were as tall in chest as anyone had ever seen.'

'Sure, I remember,' said Des, 'some 40 years ago now.'

'We had the market sussed, we had all the tools to make it.'

'But we didn't, did we Joe?'

'Do you reckon it was that freak storm that wiped out half our buildings? Do you reckon we would have made a buck if we weren't taken out in that storm?'

Des shook his head, 'I don't know if we had what it takes. I mean, look at us now.'

'What do you mean? We're successful.'

'Yeah, but in our jobs, not in our own business.'

'I did love the idea of us working our own business though.'

'Yeah, me too Joe. It was good working with you 'til we were forced out.'

'It was a wild storm, a tornado like has never been seen in these parts. Sure did scare the wits out of me.'

'Yeah, it was pretty freaky,' remembered Des.

'Imagine if we were in the structure across the road when it hit, we would have been smashed to smithereens with the twister.'

'That is true Joe, but thankfully we weren't. We were across the road and the structure that was over our head is still standing today.

'Are you ready to sign that papers then Des?'

'Yeah, for sure, we've held onto a wasted dream long enough. Put up the sold sign. It's time to let go.'

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have you rested?

Our family recently took a holiday. I chose to use the time to read and write and enjoy my family. I know I spend too much time on the internet searching, studying or surfing around social media.

We were close to a library and we visited several times, devouring books and finding books we hadn't seen before.

I find that if I don't ask the kids to turn off the TV and tell them that it's reading time – they would be glued to the TV constantly. They all read, including our 2 year old – she love to read to herself … and to us :) The joy of books is a great way to rest. During one day we all lay on our beds for quiet reading time (Dad with the paper) and we all (yes all 6 at the same time) fell asleep after a long read.

We returned to our church during our holiday for the chance to sit together and listen during the service. (we are both involved in serving and rarely sit together on a Sunday) We heard a very timely message for what is happening in our life and walked away knowing that we needed the time to rest, recuperate, rejuvenate and be ready to run when we returned home. It’s hard to rest at home. There is always so much that needs to be done. I know the importance of taking time out regularly to rest in Him, in our almighty Father.

How do you rest?

Do you find time of rest at home?

Or do you need to go away to feel rested?

Have you learnt how to rest in God?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sorry!!!! ..... The Winner is...

I’m sorry! I was meant to post the winner to my Footprints Blog Tour comp on Monday. I did the draw via but just didn’t get around to posting it on my blog.


Foxglove Spires

I’ll email you to grab your address.

Thank you everyone for entering.

Congratulations to Footprints for a fun and successful Blog Tour.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie...Oi Oi Oi

I saw this over at Thea's blog, Do I really Wanna Blog? and she said we could pinch it, so I am because I like it!

Here is a list of Aussie things. The ones I have done are bold.

1. Heard a kookaburra in person. (I love the kookookookookooaburra)

2. Slept under the stars.

3. Seen a koala.

4. Visited Melbourne.

5. Watched a summer thunderstorm.

6. Worn a pair of thongs. (on my feet)

7. Been to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock)

8. Visited Cape York.

9. Held a snake. ( not a chance!)

10. Sang along with Khe San.

11. Drank VB. (probably not a whole can - but I have tasted it)

12. Visited Sydney.

13. Have seen a shark. (at Seaworld count?)

14. Have used Aussie slang naturally in a conversation. (Bloody oath)

15. Had an actual conversation with an indigenous Australian.

16. Eaten hot chips from the bag at the beach.

17. Walked/climbed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. (I've climbed a pylon... that counts hey?)

18. Used an outside dunny, and checked under the seat before sitting down.
19. Seen Chloe in Young & Jackson’s. (What?)

20. Slept on an overnight train or bus.

21. Been to Sydney’s Mardi Gras

22. Have gone bush-bashing.

23. Taken a sickie. (shhhhh)

24. Been to see a game of Aussie Rules football.
25. Have seen wild camels.

26. Gone skinny dipping.

27. Done a Tim Tam Slam. (You can do it with KitKats too, it's not as good but)

28. Ridden in a tram in Melbourne.

29. Been at an ANZAC day Dawn Service.

30. Watched a sunrise or sunset.

31. Held a wombat.

32. Been on a roadtrip of 800km or more.

33. Seen the Great Australian Bight in person. (I've been to Adelaide - and I saw part of it when I went there)

34. Had a really bad sunburn. (I still remember how it feels to peel large patches of skin off, yikes!)

35. Visited an Aboriginal community.

36. Seen a redback spider.

37. Have watched Paul Hogan. (Struth, who hasn't?)

38. Seen Blue Poles in person.

39. Wandered barefoot in the bush/outback.

40. Eaten Vegemite. (yuck!)

41. Thrown a boomerang.

42. Seen the Kimberleys.

43. Given a hitch-hiker a lift.

44. Been to Perth.

45. Have tried Lemon, Lime and Bitters.

46. Tried playing a didgeridoo.
47. Seen dinosaur footprints. (in a museum)

48. Eaten Tim Tams.

49. Been to Darwin.

50. Touched a kangaroo.

51. Visited the Great Barrier Reef.

52. Listened to Kevin Bloody Wilson. (unfortunately - yes)

53. Killed a Cane Toad. (not i... but I have watched - out of the corner of my eye)

54. Gone to a drive-in theatre.

55. Have read and own books by Australian authors.
56. Visited Adelaide.

57. Know the story behind “Eternity”. (I don't even know the story in front of it??)

58. Been camping. (not planning to go agian!)

59. Visited Brisbane. (Lived there, love it!)

60. Been in an outback pub.

61. Know what the term “Waltzing Matilda” actually means.

62. Gone whale watching. (Please, don't remind me)

63. Listened to Slim Dusty. (Unfortunately)

64. Own five or more Australian movies or TV series. (including Wiggles and High 5 ?)

65. Sang along to Down Under.
66. Have stopped specifically to look at an historic marker by the side of the road.

67. Eaten a 4′n’20 pie.

68. Surfed at Bondi. (but I've been to Bondi)

69. Watched the cricket on Boxing Day.

70. Visited Hobart.

71. Eaten kangaroo.

72. Seen a quokka.

73. Visited Canberra.

74. Visited rainforests.

75. Used a Victa lawnmower.

76. Travelled on a tram in Adelaide.
77. Used a Hills hoist. (and swung aroung on it!)

78. Visited Kata Tjuta (we called them the Olgas when I visited)

79. Used native Australian plants in cooking.

80. Visited the snow. (never seen snow)

81. Chosen a side in Holden VS Ford. (How embarrassment, we were a Ford family, yet my first car was a Gemini!) (that was my sister's comment... ditto)

82. Visited the desert.

83. Been water skiing.
84. Read The Phantom.

85. Visited Parliament House. (oh so boring!!!)

86. Gone spotlighting or pig-shooting. (only played spot light with other kids)

87. Crossed the Nullarbor.

88. Avoided swimming in areas because of crocodiles.

89. Listened to AC/DC. (not by choice but they're hard to avoid in pubs!)

90. Called someone a dag.

91. Voted in a Federal Election.

92. Have been swimming and stayed between the flags.

93. Had a possum in your roof. (OMG, how loud are they??)

94. Visited the outback.

95. Travelled over corrugated roads. (I really want to type that sound you make when you're driving on these roads but I don't know what letters to use)

96. Hit a kangaroo while driving. (my brother was driving and it wasn't in the outback!)

97. Been well outside any mobile phone coverage.

98. Seen an emu.

99. Have woken to the smell of bushfires.

100. Patted a pure-bred dingo.(at the big pineapple)

101. Seen the Oils live.

Now it’s your turn, what Aussie things have you done?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guest Blogger with 12 blogs!!!!

Meet my lovely sister Thea from Do I really Wanna Blog. This is the second time I've had her on my blog as a guest. As you can see above... I only manage one blog... so I am fascinated with how she manages 12 !!!

Recently, I announced on Twitter that I now have 12 blogs.

I know that makes me sound a little crazy. Who has 12 blogs?

Then I removed myself from an old weight loss tracking blog that I was invited to join and then I stopped posting on, because I wasn't losing weight....hmph!

Oh well, so now I officially have 11 blogs.

A few of my tweeps laughed and asked why so many and/or how do I keep so many when a lot of people struggle updating just one?

So, I'm here to tell you how I do it!

In a couple of weeks, it will be only one year ago that I discovered blogging.

After I joined Twitter I started to click on the links of my tweep/bloggers and discovered so many wonderful blogs.

I really enjoyed reading them. They'd make me laugh, cry and nod my head.

I was in awe of these everyday people and how well they could write.

I wished I could write like that.

Then I bravely started a blog of my own and discovered I loved blogging.

Well, that's pretty obvious, huh?

1. I started with my main blog, 'Do I Really Wanna Blog?' in July last year.

2. Then a month later I started 'My Recipe Blog-Book' so I could keep all of my favourite recipes in the one place.

3. In September I started 'Sew I Love To Make Things' for an online collection of my sewing and craft work.

4. And I started 'Fat to Fit in 46 Days??' which was how long it was to my 41st birthday. It came and went and I wasn't fit, so I forgot about that one. (My first unused blog, but it's still there just in case I find some motivation from somewhere to start it up again.)

5. AND I also started 'Life & Times' where I record our special family events with words and photos. I send links to these posts to extended family.

6. Then, in October, two days after my birthday I began an anonymous blog, rewriting my own personal diary from 25 years ago. Readers lost interest and so did I so that's my second unused blog, but again it's still there if I decide to pick it up again.

7. In December, I decided to transfer our travel diary and photos from our honeymoon in Europe in 2002 onto a travel blog. I'm planning to have this one printed into a book.

8. In January I had a brainwave and decided to donate $5 each week to a different charity. Regular large donations are out of our league but I still always want to donate every time I see a special day or a charity advertising on TV. I decided to forego the magazines I used to buy every week and donate that amount instead. By logging it on 'My Year of Giving' I was also hoping to raise awareness and maybe even encourage other people to do the same.

9. In February I was inspired by my five year old boy to start another blog called '? ? Question Time ? ?' He asks so many questions. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are difficult. When my two year old starts asking questions, she can join the fun.

10. & 11. My final two blogs I began yesterday. I've been recording all the cute and clever things my kids say and do for a couple of years. I've always planned to print them as books to give to my children eventually. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but it's much easier to update in blog format than ordinary old 'Word documents'. So they have a blog each called 'Cute & Clever Things X Says & Does'.

There you have it.

I've realized that I love to keep records and document life.

And that I spend way too much time on the computer.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Friday Flash Fiction
Writen using the WAG prompt

‘But I have pain,’ Judy questioned the doctor.

‘Yes, I understand that.’

‘What treatments will I need?’

‘We don’t need to talk about treatments yet, it’s best we wait for the results from the biopsy and we’ll go from there.’

‘But you’ve just told me I have cancer!’ Judy screeched irrationally.

‘I have said that it is a 50% chance that the biopsy will come back confirming that you do have cancer of some form.’

‘What will I tell my husband? How will my children I’m dying? What… How long have I got?’

‘Judy, you need to go home and relax.’

‘But I have cancer, I can’t relax. I’ll have to book a ticket to see the world. I’m not even half way through my bucket list.’

‘We don’t need to think like that. Just stay calm, and wait for the tests to come back.’

‘How can I stay calm? This is crazy.’

The doctor picked up his phone, ‘Yes, hello, send in the nurse please.'

'What’s happening now? Why have you sent for a nurse?'

'To help you out of my office so I can see the next patient.'

‘Why?’ she lifted her shoulder to clutch her handbag.

‘It appears that you are making a habit out of expecting the worst, and I simply don’t have time to counsel you.’