Thursday, May 27, 2010

Changed, Unchanged

Friday Flash Fiction
Inspired by WAG topic #24
Affected but unchanged. If all that had been was too be, and all that had been seen was true then they should have found the next move a natural progression. But no, stagnant with indifference everyone stared. There was movement but no motion. Tears fell in silence. Smiles grabbed the cheeks but no laughter was present. There was a loud siren. The noise snapped them all out of their trance. It was official, it was loud, and it started a stampede of authorised persons. The two, the couple that were unchanged yet different blinked. One went to speak while the other held a finger to hush. The professionals took over. They had work to do. Their work was detrimental. The couple looked on awkwardly, reaching out but not moving their limbs. And then in a breath, it was a moment when all changed yet they seemed unchanged. Everything that was expected became a natural progression. A little sound echoed though the walls. The first cry, their baby was alive.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Science & Robotics Day

Yesterday we went to a science and robotics workshop. I forgot my camera so I have no pics to share with you - sorry.

This year we enrolled in a new distance ed school and this was the first time we’ve joined in with one of their events.

The teachers split the group into over 8 years old and age 7 and younger.

The older group built a Lego robot then connected it to a computer to program it to do a figure eight around a chair. That was pretty cool as my 8 and 9 year old had never done anything like it before. Possibly more important than doing something new, they had to work as a team. They were put with another girl who they’d never met. Working with each other all the time in our home school situation doesn’t give them a whole lot of opportunity to work in teams with other people. So this was great to watch them interact.

The younger group made a grass head, played detective with fingerprints, and took home a biology experiment to observe for the next 14 day. Plus they had the added bonus of fun games in between each activity.

During the morning tea break, the kids were taught how to throw a boomerang. My son was pretty happy with himself when he nearly got it to fly back to him.

I had a great day. My kids had a great day. I am so impressed with the teachers that we are now working with and we are all looking forward to the next workshop.

As a homeschooling mum I am always looking for new activities. If you are a homeschooler or teacher (who is positive towards home education) I’d love you to join in with a chat on Twitter this Monday night, 31st May, from 8 – 9 pm Standard Eastern Australia time. This month’s topic is finding new activities and homeschool newsletters.
My twitter id @michelledevans and to join in with the chat use hashtag #ahsc

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Play! Toddler led tea party

It was a day for tea parties.

with the favourite piggy

and what do you do with the dog while you are having a tea party?

tie it up to the chair of course.

I love imaginative toddler led play.

Friday, May 21, 2010

In Shelter or In Danger?

Friday Flash Fiction

She tipped up the bottle and drank every drip that would fall. Red, warm and fruity, was it a treat or a hindrance? She wasn’t sure. The make shift roof shielded her from the rain and the pinned up sheets blocked a little of the draft.

Lucy hadn’t eaten much since she’d arrived and was feeling weaker every day. She mapped out the way she had come on paper napkins, so that when it was time, she could find her way home. Although she knew now, was not the right time to leave and she wasn't so sure that home was, were home used to be.

She faced the forest and thought of her family, which would no longer be in their home. Lucy thought of her friends who she'd no longer be able to see. She thought of her cat that was killed in the ambush.

Lucy came from a life that was normal, filled with work and activities and family and fun. But then she turned to the dark side, while immersed in the adventure, she met Phil. Phil took her deeper into the pit of obscurity.

Last Thursday night, Phil knew they were destined for ruin, and drew a mud map for her, showing her how to get to the shelter. On her journey, the map was saturated and became wet pulp.

She thought of his face, as the rain quietened. Phil looked bitter and tormented as he lay bleeding on the floor. Lucy thought about what she could have done to stop them, but then remembered how she had no strength left to fight, instead she fled.

This was the seventh night she lay her head down at the shelter. Her body jerked as she fitfully began to sleep. She woke many times with animal noises and rustling bushes. And then, she was woken with the crunching of human foot steps.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Play! The Out Door Room

The kids decided to make an outdoor play area...
What looks like a mess to me - created hours of fun play for them

Dolly had a swing!

And had a soft landing after some tricks

I agree - the outdoor play room is fun!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Poem over at Soft Whispers

If you so choose to follow this link and head over to Soft Whispers - you'll find a delightful poem that I wrote a few years ago but just recently tweaked, 'The Beauty of a Rainbow' make new again!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloggers Without Make-up!

It's one for the girls. Thanks for the great idea Mummy Mayhem
God created us beautiful inside and out and most of the time many of us hide behind a mask of make-up.
I wear make-up most days - I rarely leave the house without it - yet I don't mind if people see the real me.
I even forgot my make-up bag on one holiday last year and didn't bother buying some there - I just went everywhere in the skin that God gave me.... comfortably. I'm happy to be at this place in my life and not bound by having to appear a certain way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Play! in the Garden

My lovely children abandoned their school books to make this delicious concoction
So many colours, textures, fragrances.

Fun with nature

Monday, May 10, 2010


There were 3 in the bed...
a gift from one of my princesses

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Blog

Celebrate the woman who is mum to you today.
Celebrate the mum that you are, if you are a mum.
Celebrate the mums who have done amazing things!


This one is fun! I'd love you to join in. You see... it's all about your first blog post. Celebrate it and repost it. Then encourage your friends to do the same....

Here's the deal...

What I want you to do is repost your very first blog post. I want to see how things are different now, if you write differently, if you write about the same topic, if you did a “hi this is why I’m blogging” sort of post or if you just got straight into it.

Then I want you to tag five people to do the same.

So ... this is mine - I wrote this review for a writing assignment. I thought it was safer to start with something impersonal, but since then I've expanded and now blog on multiple subjects.
(my first blog post on the 3rd July 2009)

Book Review of WM. Paul Young’s

The Shack by WM. Paul Young, published by Windblown Media, has a somewhat slow yet descriptive start. In the forward at the beginning of the book we learn the history of Mackenzie Allen Philips known to close friends as Mack. The forward is by Willie who then becomes the narrator. The drawn out process of scene setting is almost boring and doesn’t reflect the rhythm of the body of the story.

WM. Paul Young’s gripping account of the abduction of Mack’s daughter Missy, is intense, as I read this account I had to read the book cover to check that is was definitely a fictional story. Mack and his wife Nannette have 5 children, 2 grown up and moved out and 3 still living with them. Mack takes his 3 younger children camping while his wife is at a conference. The last day of the camp the older two children take a turn in a canoe. While waving to her dad Kate capsizes the canoe and Mack dives in to release Josh who is stuck under the canoe in the water. When every one is safe they look up to see that Missy is gone. With extensive rescue and police searches all that’s found is her bloody dress in an old shack in the middle of the wilderness. The outcome and her whereabouts are left up in the air. Kate is overcome with guilt, blaming herself. Mack doesn’t realize Kate thinks it’s her fault because he is so heavy with the burden himself. He took them camping and took his eyes off his young daughter Missy – it was his fault. He carries the tragedy with him calling this time the Great Sadness.

Three and a half years later Mack is still overshadowed by the whole nightmare. Its winter in Canada and a cold front comes down the Gorge from the east of Oregon. The rain turns to ice on impact and everything is frozen and slippery. Mack slides down his driveway, splitting his head, to retrieve an obscure note in his letterbox from Papa, inviting him to the shack. His wife Nan calls God Papa. Is this a cruel joke or is it really God, he tortures himself in wonder that this could be the answer to the Great Sadness. He hides the letter away but it hangs over him heavily. Mack is so affected by the letter he’s drawn back to the town of the abduction, and back to the ‘Shack’ fearful yet yearning to understand more. Angry with both God and the person who stole his 6 year old daughter, he heads off, not telling his wife or 4 other children about his planned trip.

‘The Shack’ doesn’t contain a whole lot of action the pages are filled mostly with dialogue. The language flows and is simple yet sophisticated and contemporary. WM Paul Young delves into common questions on spirituality and religion. The reader is taken on a journey of thoughts, desires and attitudes, much laughter and many tears through Mack’s conversations with God. These aren’t conversations with the unknown or unseen but a real, true as life tangible God, the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mack spends a week-end with God at the Shack. In his perception he’s reunited with passed family. God enlightens Mack about forgiveness, judgment and love.

This fictional story allows a deep personal journey. Just how would you feel if a child was abducted? Who would you blame? Who is the real judge, us or God? Then in this convincing story we can ask ourselves how does God show his love? How does God love equally when at times all we can see is pain heartache and justified blame and condemnation? Obviously because there is so much focus on God in this book, an atheist may find it hard to read, but I'm sure they'd enjoy the journey. This novel is more than just thought evoking; it opens up amazing conversations with other ‘Shack’ readers.

The story finds a relaxing rhythm and seems all wrapped up and winding down. Then suddenly the beat is ripped from the reader. Another facet completely unexpected is overturned. Mack is led to another discovery and must find strength in himself to ask more questions to delve deeper into understanding. At times the story seems so far away from reality but conversations make it all seem so true.

The twist at the end comes as an unexpected shock, twisting the story towards a completely uprooted direction. WM. Paul Young beautifully ties it all together in a gripping and credible conclusion.

This novel is brilliantly written, enticing and compelling with every page entering a new dimension it’s almost impossible to put down. A great read for all ages.

I'm not going to tag... but I'd love you to join in.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wet Day Play!

And that's how we play on this wet, wet, wet day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Announcing the Winners...

Before I announce the winners I thought I might have a little promo moment... (OK so once you've scrolled down to see if you won... come back up and read this... :))

This week I got into the head of WIP’s main character and wrote a poem. It’s posted over at Soft Whispers.
Writers - have you done this before - write something that the key character was thinking not to use in your manuscript - just for your own reference?
I found it added more to the character and has given me more substance to her story. Think I'll do it again!


It’s time to announce the winners of my celebrating 100 followers comp that's been running for the last week.

Using I put in the numbers 1-24, I wrote a number beside each comment in order as they came in and the 3 numbers that random threw back at me were…..

Winner …. # 20 Paula Princess Warrior Chick has won a beautiful Fifth Avenue Collection piece of Jewellery.

Second… # 11 ‘Kelly from Be a Fun Mum has won 'Personality Plus’ & ‘Get a Life’

Third….# 14 KraftyKathryn has won the Nzuri Beads bracelet


Let me say once again that I am humbled that you visit and read my blog.

The White Butterfly Project

What happens if you lose a baby during pregnancy or infancy? Often not much. Many women and men are expected to move on quickly and forget. As soon as a baby is developed in the womb a connection starts with their mother. It’s an unseen bond. This emotion can be suppressed but it’s very hard to completely forget.

A beautiful woman dreamed about holding an event to remember these cherished babies. She hoped the annual event would be held on the Saturday before mother’s day to reflect and remember. She called it The White Butterfly Project.

The White Butterfly Project has been entrusted into the hands of Generation Church. Wanting not to exclude but to include everyone who has suffered this loss, the White Butterfly Reflection Service is taken out of the church building and held lakeside.

This is a beautiful service to reflect and remember your baby too beautiful for earth. Your precious gift that skipped our world and went straight to heaven.

The reflection service is a time where you can be anonymous if you choose. It can be a time of peace just for you.

If you’d prefer someone to come along side you, The White Butterfly Project has a trained team ready to talk to you, if you have lost a baby during pregnancy or infancy. This team can be accessed at the reflection service or online.

You don’t have to contain your pain alone.

This is an initiative that will one day spread throughout the world.

Date: Saturday 8th May
Time: 7am
Address: Delfin House Pontoon
              235 Varsity Parade
              Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia