Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Session - Christmas Cheer


This Sunday Session, splurge a little less, give a little more.

Sunday session comes from a great idea my sister had... go over and check out her blog Do I really wanna blog...

An oldy.. Band Aid

And a newer version.... Band Aid II

And another version... Band Aid 20

Just sending a reminder.... there are still people in our world starving. Spread the Christmas cheer... donate to your favourite charity.

And another - the tv allstars ...


  1. It is good to share at Christmas, and it is the season for giving; so thank you for spreading this thoughtful gesture.

    You are a wonderul person, take gentle care.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. OMG.....snap!!! You read my mind! LOL xx

  3. "splurge a little less, give a little more'.

    Great message, Michelle :)

  4. I wonder if the anything has changed since the first release in 1984. I wonder if people are giving more? Hmmmmm, I sure hope so.

    I loved this Sunday Session! "Feed the world! Let them know it's Christmas time." :)

  5. Lovely message, Michelle. Thanks for the gentle reminder. :)

  6. "splurge a little less, give a little more"

    I love that! Such a great song and such a great message. Thanks!

  7. I know it's a bit depressing but I've also been thinking about all the innocent people locked up. Christmas is a hard time of year for some. Thanks for highlighting an important topic and Happy Christmas!

  8. Excellent message!
    If only everyone would donate something to a charity at Christmas. It's probably the most important gift you can give. xx

  9. Great reminder about donating. I'm so glad my daughter's pre-K organizes donations. We got to play Santa for some less fortunate kids. :)

  10. How could I be a product of the 80s and never heard of Band Aid? I've never heard that song before, either. I'm messed up. :)


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