Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Session - Albertine

I listen to this song all the time. I love love love it. Especially this line...

“Now that I have seen I am responsible”

These words are driving factor in my life. No, I have never been into the corners of the world where people have the greatest needs. But I have seen. I know their needs. I will not sit pretty in my wealthy country while there are children sleeping on concrete, going to bed hungry or suffering.

I can't fix the problem. I can't be the solution to every child in need. But one thing I choose to do is sponsor children through Compassion.

Over the past couple of years, our Christmas shopping has included gifts from the Gifts of Compassion catalogue. This year my children will be receiving a chicken, baking supplies, a soccer ball and a goat. (Shh don’t tell them) I plan to buy them a stuffed or plastic toys to remind them of the Compassion gift we have given to a child and their family. We’ll also be giving a gift from our family to another of a small business starter. I love that Compassion have included gifts that can then provide families with new skills or equipment to generate an income for themselves.

Go on… Get extra generous this Christmas. Support your favourite charity.

Thank you Thea for starting this fun idea of Sunday Session... even when I do play along with my own rules.


  1. And your rules are beautiful! xx

  2. Oh I love that you are buying your kids gifts from this catalogue. I am so doing this too! Love your heart. xo

  3. You are a very generous giving makes me think very deeply about how this world is run....

    Can you spare a vote for me, I"d so appreciate it, I'm on page 1 xx


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