Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Now we all start with a blank canvas…

And then… in come the kids, such wonderful stylists they are! I don’t move anything around anymore. They do a great job. And they love that I don’t touch it after they’ve created their master piece.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus


  1. It's sooooo pretty!!
    Great job kids!
    (I love 'L' in the corner)

  2. I love comments too. You are a lovely person, and I too love Jesus, as he is an inspiration, as in teaching a humane morality with sound values of Fatherly care.

    A christmas tree is a decoration to adhere in the light of Christ, with Angels at the top to give us all hope of helping humanity.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. Lovely!
    Oh this Xmas time brings some love and extra worthy work...

  4. Awesome!! My daughter's taken over decorating for Christmas - she does a fantastic job!!! :)

  5. and they did such a great job!


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