Monday, December 13, 2010

New Zealand Holiday

Recently hubby and I had a holiday in New Zealand.

Hubby joked as we sat waiting for the plane to leave Brisbane airport that this holiday was going to make or break us. So if there was ever any doubt, we are closer than ever. I loved having the privilege to spend every hour of every day for a whole week with my hubby.

Funny… they ran out of food (meals) on the plane.

Blessed… the concierge on duty at our hotel leant us his car to buy Maccas at 1:30am.

Funny … we were planning to drive ourselves around the south island in the smallest car available.

Blessed…. We were upgraded to a nifty, comfortable mid size car

We saw sheep!

And we saw amazing colours...
We checked out a little history and went for a walk....

We stopped for some cheese and crackers by this pond... inspiring 3 picture books

I saw snow for the first time!!!!

Beautiful lakes...

the view from our room at Twizel

We also had an amazing view at Queenstown, over the lake, out towards The Remarkables. But I must have been enjoying too much wine while I was writing (I completed my 50000 word novel plus 30 picture book ideas in November) with the magnificent view in the background. I took no photos in Queenstown!

We saw more ....

The reason for our holiday...
So happy, so in love. Their's was a beautiful ceremony and reception. It was truly a blessing that we could share this moment with our friends.

Super spunk!!!!!

Amazing round rocks on the beach.

And then we saw some more....
And also ... my favourite... some ...
dairy cows!!!!

It's taken me a while to post this, because even though I had an amazing time away with my hubby and I'm very thankful that we could witness our friends wedding. I'm content to stay in Australia. This was my first time out of the country and I haven't got the travel bug. Maybe in a few years from now (perhaps 10 or so) I'd be happy to go somewhere in the world again sometime. But right now, I know that this is my mummy season. I love being full time mum. Full time nurturer. Full time teacher. To my 4 children. Leaving my kids for a whole week again in the near future would be very difficult for me.


  1. Great post!!
    Love the pics...and the sheep....LOL
    I totally understand you wanting to stay close to home. When they're a bit bigger, you can all go! :)

  2. Sounds lovely, Michelle. But I can well understand your dedication to being a mum. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful pictures that created an image of desire to travel to places I think about often. Thank you for sharing your delights in your worldly travels.

    Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. You have done nothing for our image of being more than a country full of sheep Michelle...LOL.
    Love the pics, especially the hot couple at the church....such a blessing that you could share that day with us. Love you guys. S&S

  5. Gorgeous. I love New Zealand. So wonderful you had a holiday just the two of you. All relationships need that special one on one time. xx

  6. I could so feel the love (I know cliche) that you have for your husband and children in your words. I also felt like I took a mini-holiday looking at your photos and reading this. So relaxing. :)

  7. Gosh that all looks amazing!

    When Hubby and I moved to Sydney in Dec '05 we thought, 'Great! We'll be able to pop over to NZ!'

    Ah, still waiting to go.....



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