Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moments for Mum ~ Book Review

I found the amazing Narelle Nettelbeck early last year in bloggy land. Her blog, ‘Moments for Mum’ is so encouraging that I ordered her book titled, ‘Moments for Mum.’

Moments for Mum is a book filled with 61 short, daily encouragements.

In each of the 61 sections, Narelle gives honest and down to earth reflections on her own life. I love her friendly way of cheering the reader on to move forward in their own life and to remember to always look upwards.

Even though the title states ‘daily devotionals’, the pages are not dated so you can move through the book at your own pace. Every time I picked up Moments for Mum, I found I read something pertaining to what I was going through that very day. The sections are indexed, so if you prefer, you can go straight to topics like grief, anger and attitude to read an encouraging word to brighten your day.

A great Christmas gift perhaps…

You can find detail of where to purchase Narelle’s book HERE

Or ….

You can visit the Auctions for Dignity and Hope facebook page and bid on the copy that Narelle has so very generously donated.


  1. A wise review.


  2. Thanks for the lovely review :)
    Hope the auction raises lots of money.


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