Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Indulging Party

Sometimes you know your friends are doing something that you know is totally awesome but it’s not until you see the finished product that you can fully appreciate the awesomeness of the awesome project.

The I luv those shoes project sprang into my world a couple of months ago. My friend Charissa, her sister Natasha and two other gorgeous women, Tanya and Angela together with a talented team, have produced a free, online, glossy style magazine.

Last weekend I was privileged to rub shoulders with the stars of the “Indulge” eMagazine at the launch party. And boy, does this team know how to host a great launch party!

Here I am with my beautiful friend Jo who stars in Indulge on page 5 and page 24.

There were so many inspiring women at the launch party. I know that if I was to start listing the amazing conversations I had, I'd miss out someone really important. Lets just say – the line up for the next editions of Indulge will be just as awesome as the first.


  1. Thanks so much for your amazing support Beautiful! XXX

  2. Oh thanx Michelle.... so glad you luv the Mag..... Cheers Tanya E xo

  3. Loved the launch! Love being a part of this project. Love you! xo

  4. Hi Michelle,
    This looks like a great magazine. Thanks for introducing me to it:-)


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