Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why We Home Educate / Home School Part 2

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Now for part Part 2…

At the point in time when we made the decision to pull our children out of traditional schooling, it was becoming obvious that they were missing their dad. He was out most nights, he worked every Saturday and often Sunday as well. He would take a day off during the week and do the school run – but before and after school after home work, doesn’t leave much time for play.

Our second child didn’t seem to be coping with prep (the year before grade 1). She would cry hysterically every morning, refusing to get dressed. I sneaked a peek on a couple of occasions to see if she was mixing during the breaks and it broke my heart to see her standing on the edge of the play ground by herself.

Our eldest was one of the best behaved children. I would often see him being a toilet buddy or walking someone to the sick room or to the office. I asked his teacher about him being out of the room so much and she said that he was the most mature and responsible. Hmmm we were paying for private education – not to have our boy ushering other children around the school.

I also found that I was missing watching them learn. I wasn’t allowed to be hands on in the class room because I had a preschooler with me and I didn’t have the right qualifications.

A close friend had started home schooling. She was loving it and the whole family was thriving.

I have many more other reasons why we made the decision to home educate – these are only a few that come to mind.

The big question people often ask us, “What about socialization?”

This was also a huge concern for my hubby. We both wanted to keep our children mixing with others, we booked them into drama, music, little athletics, swimming, football, gymnastics and dance. Plus we hooked up with other home schooling families and started joining in with the organised home school excursions. (Yes, we have a couple of groups of organised excursions to choose from)

Next time you see a home schooler, home educator, un educator or natural learning family, perhaps you’ll see them as not weird but just choosing to do things a little differently to suit their family lifestyle.

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  1. I love this post! I love homeschooling my children!

  2. I don't think your weird Michelle! I love that you think outside the box.. You go girl xx

  3. I think people who home school are very brave. I would not have had the patience.

  4. I think it is ABSOLUTELY wonderful! And I'm a little jealous!


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