Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something in the Water - Sunday Session - Generosity Water

Sunday session… something my sister Thea has started…

So I thought I'd join in...

This song is my absolute favourite song at the moment.

Speaking about water…..

Water... how good do we have it when we can turn on our tap – always - running water that is safe, clean, drinkable, and ready for us to use whenever we so desire.

Imagine a life without taps. Without that constant supply of water. Imagine having to walk miles everyday, at times with a baby strapped to your front or back and then fill a bucket or pot with dirty water that possibly contains diseases. Imagine carrying that load of water back to your home. This for many women in our world is a daily requirement to stay alive.

Imagine if you could buy a gift here for someone, in our wealthy country, to say, ‘Hey I’ve given someone fresh healthy water this year for Christmas on your behalf.’

And in that one small act of kindness… you can help a whole village have water in their local area. A well, with fresh, clean, healthy water.

You can be the difference. Visit My Generosity Water to find out how.

Or find your another charity organisation to support this Christmas people need living water. 

Do you have a favourite charity organisation?


  1. Oh excellent, it worked!!
    Great song!
    Excellent message. xx

  2. That's my fav song at the moment too! Gets stuck in your head. It's such a cute happy song. Love it. I'm off to check out My Generosity Water. xo

  3. Beautiful song. We do take clean, easy water so for granted. We take many things for granted.

  4. Discover your blog through Nessa. So wonderful to connect with kindred spirits. We are droplets in the same ocean. Its uplifting to contemplate issues activated within and our abilities to empower others. As the result of interacting with people like you, I feel more aligned with the love and joy I am and what I am able to do to guide people to awaken. Blessings to you.

  5. I just did a whole unit on water needs in the world with my classroom. We donated through the Ryan's Well foundation. It's such a great cause.

  6. Hi,What a great song!! I can understand how it's your favoured.
    We met at the Workshop on the weekend at Capalaba, wasn't it great!
    Anyhow, in my interview with Rochelle she said I needed to get much quicker into my story and tighten it up more. After sitting and listening I now understand what she means, so...more work..I am retired and enjoy doing it, why not.
    I have spoken about water often on my Blog. Living in Oz we certainly understand the value.
    Blessings Crystal Lindsey

  7. I like that song!
    It's very sad to think how we can drink a glass of water in 1 minute, yet people have to treck miles for one clean drop.
    Will check out your link ;)

  8. I love, love, love that song. Isn't Brooke Fraser fabulous?


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