Saturday, November 6, 2010

Benefits.. Why We Home Educate Part 3

I recently posted Why We Home Educate Part 1 and Part 2. These posts covered a lot around what was happening in our lives when we made the decision to change. And since then I have made some discoveries.

Yes, we do love home education our children. It suits our family. Our children are progressing well through their primary school years.

But, if ever it became obvious that traditional school would suit them better – we’d put them back in school.

In saying that…

Here are my personal benefits …

1. Sleep in… pretty much every day
2. I finished a writing course
3. I am nearly finished a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry
4. I write every night
5. I sometimes write in the afternoon… between 2 and 4
6. My children make their own lunch
7. No uniforms to wash
8. No morning rush
9. No panic to get homework done on busy weeks
10. We can go out at night mid-week & all sleep in the next day

That’s 10… and I guess it looks a little selfish… but as I said – if the time comes to put the kids back into traditional school… we would… and I’m sure I could find another list of personal benefits of traditional schooling.

But until then… I’ll continue to enjoy the above listed benefits while home educating.

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  1. Those are some of the very things that I love about homeschooling too!

  2. They look like wonderful benefits.

  3. My 14 yr old is schooling from home, although it's through distance ed high school, so its slightly different in that we still have to complete work each week and send it in for marking. Apart from that, I love that there is no morning rush anymore, as this used to be a nightmare for us! It's also good that we can set our own schedule accdording to when he works best. And, we can have a daytime nap if needed!


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