Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Benefits for the Kids - Why We Home Educate Part 4

As I have mentioned in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, we have many reasons for home schooling. Yet when I asked my children what they liked most about doing school at home, their answers where quite simple. I tried to ask them separately so that the didn’t influence each others answers.

So, here are their benefits

Mr 10 said, ‘I like how I can finish at 10am and then have the rest of the day off.’
‘I like my teacher.’ That would be me *grins*
‘I like being around my family.’

Miss 8 said, ‘I like seeing mum.’
‘I don’t have to do the hard things.’ Ahem… it’s not like she finds most of what we do easy.

Miss 7 said, ‘You have to stay at school for a long time, I like staying home.’
‘I can finish school work early and then play.’ And some days she decides its time to play before she's finished!

So they really do loving hanging out with their family and playing together. It would be nice if they never argued and always played nicely…but it is nice to hear them say that they like to play together.

Yes, we will keep home educating, until circumstances change, which may be never.


  1. Hooray fo homeschooling! Hooray for Mr 1O liking his teacher. Ha ha.

  2. Those are some of the best reasons I've heard.

  3. Aren't your kids just gorgeous? I love the 'I like my teacher' comment best!

  4. Some days I wish I homeschooled too. Not sure if Hannah woudn't completely disrupt Matthew though. Lovely idea, I actually met a whole group of homeschoolers on holiday in a park, they were so nice. I can see how there are lots of benefits. I think I would need a lot more patience than I've got to do it. Good luck!

    And in case you didn't know Michelle, you won the novel in my book giveaway. Please could you email me with your address? catherine_mrsj[at]hotmail.com


  5. Only special people can do it...you're one! x

  6. The relationships are one of the great, priceless benefits. But not the only one. There are many.


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