Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Moment to Rise Up, Not Condemn

With the Commonwealth Games on, I find myself challenged. Challenged with the amount of money spent of our sporting heroes, the money spent on the event, the amount of money we spend on everything and the fact that there are still children starving, people being trafficked and women being treated inhumanly.

Yes we do have sensational athletes in our country. Yes I do get excited when we win gold and I hear our national anthem being played.

But still I am challenged. Where does it stop? As we come into summer, I am tempted to get a spray tan (though I know I won’t), I have a friend offering specials on false eyelashes (that would be lovely). We can get spa treatments with one phone call to book an appointment, but I am challenged. Whenever I think – oh, that would be lovely, I remember the women in Uganda who are missing a nose or lips, the children who will go to bed tonight hungry and the crazy amount of people who are being sold into sex slavery.

I see this as a rise up moment, not a moment to condemn. I don’t see pulling money from our athletes as the answer to the problem. I don’t see eradicating spa treatments as an answer either.

We live in a country of abundance. Surely we have enough to do it all. This is a rise up moment. We can have it all, do it all and be the solution. Balance is the key.

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  1. Michelle, I think your strong sense of empathy is what makes you ideal to write. We do share a lucky country that promotes and congratulates sports achievements. These moments in sport actually help our nation, especially in times of economic struggles, during The Great Depression we had Phar Lap and Cricket and the people could see the underdog come up from nowhere and overcome all obstacles.
    I'm not a sporty person, but I love to see the enthusiasm in followers, like all the men on telly that cried when Collingwood finally won the grandfinal.
    Thank you for bringing our awareness to the real issues affecting our world, it's a reminder that this is not just a sad circumstance, but our responsibility, each and every one of us. I'm going to visit the link you've provided now :-)

  2. Opps. Tried to finish off with:

    Very inspirational post - Thanks!

  3. An inspirational and challenging post indeed Michelle! I too, have wondered if all the expenditure (expecially by the host country) could not have been spent in some more effective way (although I do enjoy the Commonwealth Games and wholeheartedly congratulate all of our athletes for their efforts).
    Thank you for reminding us how blessed we are in Australia and for reminding us that we should use our blessings to help others.

  4. I think that the money spent on Commenwealth games would have been best spent on healping the poverty in the host country. We have so much in this country. Thank you for the challenge to think outside of ourselves. You inspire me. xo

  5. I love how you call it a "rise up moment". You are so right! :-)

  6. I think there are many worthy causes out there, and we often don't rise up when we should. Great call to action!


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