Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love, Charleston ~ Book Review

I love being a member of The BookSneeze. They send me free books, I get to read… (I love to read) and all I have to do is pop a book review up on my blog. Pretty cool hey?

Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart is a story following 3 women, a bell ringer, a doctor and a writer who grew up together and one priest. With multiple points of view and a seemingly large amount of characters, the beginning was a little hard to follow for me.

I find the beauty of reading fiction is that you have a chance to take your own personal journey with the themes in the book you read. This book covers psychological issues, health, family, faith, friendship and marital/infidelity themes. Some great thought provoking issues to check in your own life as you read.

What I found enjoyable was the unpredictability and unique story lines. The characters, as in many romance novels, are relatively larger than life. One warning... there is one predictable storyline ... but it was sweet to read about. Overall I found ‘Love, Charleston’ a very enjoyable novel.

The book was sent to me free of charge to review from the Book Sneeze; Thomas Nelson


  1. I like your idea of taking our own personal journeys with a book's themes. It's a nice connection between the story and the reader.


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