Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thoughts while reading After The Fall

To stay faithful to your partner is a daily choice. To stay in love with your partner is also a daily choice.

After the Fall by Kylie Ladd is filled with rich and wordy prose. Kylie indulges in the emotions and thoughts of those affected by infidelity.

I’m not going to go further into the story than that. There are already loads of great book reviews easily found online. Go read the book for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

What I did love while reading this novel, is the thoughts and feelings it brought out in me. I am pro marriage. But in saying that I don’t think anyone should ever stay with someone if they are being abused or live in dangerous circumstances.

Marriage is something to cherish. Once consummated, there is something in the way we were created that we actually become one. To cheat or be unfaithful is to actually cheat or be unfaithful to yourself.

I also believe that we should never point the finger in judgement, because in a breath of uncontrolled temptation or lust, infidelity could catch out the most unsuspecting person.

Some relationships survive affairs and some don’t. I don’t think mine would survive. Perhaps it’s a weakness in me that I would never trust my husband again. I do often wonder, in the relationships that do survive infidelity, if there is complete rebuilding and restoration or if there is always a level is distrust.

This blog post is open for discussion. I welcome your thoughts on this matter.

If you have lived through infidelity and have read ‘After the Fall’ did you allow yourself to process past hurts while reading? (yes, you can comment anon if you don’t want the world to know)

I believe through reading fiction we can find hope or healing. What are your thoughts on fiction?

I have not been paid to do this review. These random thoughts come freely!


  1. I have not read After the Fall, but I do agree with your thoughts on marriage and infidelity. Future trust would be an issue for me, however hard I tried.

  2. My feelings line up well with yours and Shannon's. I can't imagine being able to rebuild the trust and I don't know how the love could survive.

  3. I totally think that given the right circumstances any one of us could fall! I remember my friend saying when I was a new christian: every single one of us could murder. And it really struck me that we could!! Our sinful nature is always crouching at the door! There are two good blogs about restored marriages I have on my list: and sarah markley. Amazing stories of restoration. We like the victory stories don't we!! ( I think you are an awesome writer Michelle, don't give up!)

  4. This book would really touch home with me as I've been in that situation (of being cheated on) a couple of times and in varying degrees (even though infidelity is infidelity no matter what level). And yes, any one of us could cheat too. I'm struggling with the fallout of not trusting someone and I'm finding it a struggle. I look forward to reading this book.

  5. My thoughts on fiction....I have said for years, "I don't enjoy fiction" and steered clear of them. I actually preferred biographies. I think it was because I wasn't exposed to 'good' fiction growing up.

    Having said that, I have read Reedeeming Love (Francine Rivers), The Shack (WP Young), The Chronicles of Narnia (CS Lewis) and all these books have really challenged my thinking and evoked feelings in me.I really enjoyed them. These books evoked feelings of hope and healing for me.

    So now, I will no longer say that "I don't enjoy fiction" and will change that to "I love a good fiction book." (Emphasis on 'good'.) Ha! I didn't know that I enjoy fiction - there you go.

    All these wasted years when I could have been reading 'good' fiction..........I'm going to make up for lost time.

    Looking forward to reading some 'good' fiction when your novel is published.


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