Monday, September 6, 2010

I Got Mail!

One of my children collected the mail and placed in front of me, an A4 envelope addressed to me in my own hand writing. I open it slowly to find one of my manuscripts returned, as crisp as I had posted it out a couple of months ago.

As a tear swells in my eye, I blink to read yet another rejection letter. I know that soon I will breathe, and the wind that was knocked out of me will return and I will find the courage to re-write and submit again.

The letter is personal and not generic. It states the down fall in my manuscript. They apologise for not being able publish my work.

I guess it is one of the nicer ways to be rejected.

Today I wallow.

Soon I will pull myself out of this pity-party.

I will continue to refine, rewrite, renew, revive, and resubmit.

It’s a journey.


  1. and you will do it. You have passion for it. Keep writing and keep submitting. All great writers have a huge pile of rejections. It is the rejections that make them great. xx

  2. Oh I'm so sorry my friend. Not nice. You are an amazing writer. Allow yourself to wallow for a little while. You are entitled to that. Then dust yourself off and keep on going! Love you. xo

  3. After The Fall was rejected by six of the eight publishers it was sent to in Australia (and this is after it was agented and edited). It was rejected by 38 of the 40 publishers it was sent to in the US. The two novels I wrote before ATF were rejected by probably another 50 publishers between them.
    This is a tough business- don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and rejections never, ever stop hurting- you wouldn't be human, or indeed passionate about your craft, if they didn't. That said, it's sadly par for the course and it's often not even about you or your book anyway- it's about what the agent or publisher can sell to who at that point in time.
    I understand and I empathise! But keep going, b/c eventually there will be a publisher who doesn't say no, and you only need one!

  4. Michelle, I too had one of those last week. I took a few days off writing and just had to absorb it and take some time to feel sorry for myself. Back to it now... time to inject some hope that this hard work will pay off sometime soon.

    I think it will for you too :)

  5. It's tough, isn't it? As a veteran of innumerable rejections, I feel your pain. But keep going because the feeling you get when you do receive an acceptance is simply awesome.

  6. Unfortunately, rejection is a big part of writing. But it actually makes the success so much sweeter. Hugs.

  7. I'm so sorry. I am dreading that part of the process. I sometimes wonder if I have slowed in my writing because in a way this is the "safe" part. I am sure it is only a matter of time. Warmest wishes. xxx

  8. Yeah, it's a journey. But sometimes it just SUCKS!

    Hugs to you. Don't give up. YOu might be one submission away from your dreams :)

  9. A personal rejection letter though ... that's a step in the right direction!

  10. Don't you just hate seeing your own name in your own handwriting? Gets me every time. Wallow today, pick yourself up tomorrow. xx

  11. I am so sorry Michelle, I know what it feels like to receive one of those letters, I couldn't write for some time after but when you do receive a contract for one of your manuscripts oh the joy you will be in, it will all be worth it!

  12. amen. it is a journey and someday we'll look back and see the meaning..the molding that was happening. We will say to ourselves "I'm so glad I didn't quit...because the good news was just around the corner".

    It took me 9 years and three novels to get a contract. Even still, I worry about if my next work will be accepted. This path is long and not for the faint of heart...but oh, so worth it.

  13. Hey!
    Nice to meet you
    Oups but I already do! LOL

    It's great to read you again!

    Someday, someday... when the moment is the right one that will happen...

    Acceptance, not surrender. Right?


  14. Hey girls, I'm feeling the love!
    It only takes a day ... or a sleep.
    I'm ready to get back to it today.
    Heart felt thanks you all for your encouraging words.

  15. It is hard - especially when it's on a partial or a full. But getting those requests means you're closer! Keep at it :)

  16. It means you are a real writer. Keep hittin' it.
    Lots of love.

  17. Keep going...many very successful people were rejected to begin with and just remember that God knows how amazinging talented you are and will bring you favour!

  18. Ah yes, those SSAE are nasty little critters :) The good news is that I've found they actually get easier to manage. And you got feedback! Woohoo! That's huge and means you're doing a lot of things right. Give yourself at least 5 minutes to pout and then start writing again. :)

  19. Yes, it's quite a blow to receive another rejection. But it comes with the territory. And it was very good that person took the time to write you a personal note and point out down fall in manuscript. Very helpful,though still disappointing.

    So now you revise and resubmit and one day soon, you be celebrating the acceptance!

  20. Commiserations Michelle. But...fantastic that you got feedback! A small step, true, but at least it's in the right direction :)

  21. Oh, poor sweetie... yes, I know that feeling well. We know it's not pesonal, but then it is. It's like someone has rejected you hey. {sigh}. But on the up-side, a personal rejection is actually a wonderful compliment! They obviously thing your writing is worth a critique!

    Keep on keeping on.


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