Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guest Blogger with 12 blogs!!!!

Meet my lovely sister Thea from Do I really Wanna Blog. This is the second time I've had her on my blog as a guest. As you can see above... I only manage one blog... so I am fascinated with how she manages 12 !!!

Recently, I announced on Twitter that I now have 12 blogs.

I know that makes me sound a little crazy. Who has 12 blogs?

Then I removed myself from an old weight loss tracking blog that I was invited to join and then I stopped posting on, because I wasn't losing weight....hmph!

Oh well, so now I officially have 11 blogs.

A few of my tweeps laughed and asked why so many and/or how do I keep so many when a lot of people struggle updating just one?

So, I'm here to tell you how I do it!

In a couple of weeks, it will be only one year ago that I discovered blogging.

After I joined Twitter I started to click on the links of my tweep/bloggers and discovered so many wonderful blogs.

I really enjoyed reading them. They'd make me laugh, cry and nod my head.

I was in awe of these everyday people and how well they could write.

I wished I could write like that.

Then I bravely started a blog of my own and discovered I loved blogging.

Well, that's pretty obvious, huh?

1. I started with my main blog, 'Do I Really Wanna Blog?' in July last year.

2. Then a month later I started 'My Recipe Blog-Book' so I could keep all of my favourite recipes in the one place.

3. In September I started 'Sew I Love To Make Things' for an online collection of my sewing and craft work.

4. And I started 'Fat to Fit in 46 Days??' which was how long it was to my 41st birthday. It came and went and I wasn't fit, so I forgot about that one. (My first unused blog, but it's still there just in case I find some motivation from somewhere to start it up again.)

5. AND I also started 'Life & Times' where I record our special family events with words and photos. I send links to these posts to extended family.

6. Then, in October, two days after my birthday I began an anonymous blog, rewriting my own personal diary from 25 years ago. Readers lost interest and so did I so that's my second unused blog, but again it's still there if I decide to pick it up again.

7. In December, I decided to transfer our travel diary and photos from our honeymoon in Europe in 2002 onto a travel blog. I'm planning to have this one printed into a book.

8. In January I had a brainwave and decided to donate $5 each week to a different charity. Regular large donations are out of our league but I still always want to donate every time I see a special day or a charity advertising on TV. I decided to forego the magazines I used to buy every week and donate that amount instead. By logging it on 'My Year of Giving' I was also hoping to raise awareness and maybe even encourage other people to do the same.

9. In February I was inspired by my five year old boy to start another blog called '? ? Question Time ? ?' He asks so many questions. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are difficult. When my two year old starts asking questions, she can join the fun.

10. & 11. My final two blogs I began yesterday. I've been recording all the cute and clever things my kids say and do for a couple of years. I've always planned to print them as books to give to my children eventually. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but it's much easier to update in blog format than ordinary old 'Word documents'. So they have a blog each called 'Cute & Clever Things X Says & Does'.

There you have it.

I've realized that I love to keep records and document life.

And that I spend way too much time on the computer.


  1. And I thought four was bad (plus one I guest post on regularly)...

  2. Kudos to you Thea im struggling with 1 ;)

  3. Wow. that is all I have to say- wow. it's like digital scrapbooking, yes?

  4. That's fantastic Thea!

    I have one blog - as you know! - although I have started two others that I lost interest in very quickly. Oops. I love the idea of one for each of the kids... hmmm...

  5. Wow... My own blog keeps me so busy... I used to have two but had to shut the other down. How do you do it?? You're a superwoman!

  6. See I'm with Michelle - I have a lazy gene so I only have 1 blog!!!!

    Hey if you can do it and you love it......:)

  7. That's amazing, I don't know how you find the time. You must be very organised.

  8. How cool! if you got bored writing on one you could just skip over to the other - I like it!

  9. You are amazing Thea! I want to add that you also post REGULARLY on your blog. I am all over the shop with mine, so I really admire that about you!

  10. I struggle to keep 2 public ones going, plus a private one. You Thea are a blogging superstar. And thanks for leading me to your sister's blog too.

  11. Thank you for all of your lovely comments!
    Especially for not calling me crazy (even if you may have been thinking it!) xx

  12. All day in front of the computer...
    For sure!

    I hope you have been able to keepp your study tidy (LOL), or maybe not.

    That is a life record you share with the whole world.

  13. Dulce - I don't have a study. Sad but true :)

  14. Oh, and I completely forgot to say that the travel diary and the kids' diaries are private. They're not for the world to see.


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