Friday, July 2, 2010


Friday Flash Fiction
Writen using the WAG prompt

‘But I have pain,’ Judy questioned the doctor.

‘Yes, I understand that.’

‘What treatments will I need?’

‘We don’t need to talk about treatments yet, it’s best we wait for the results from the biopsy and we’ll go from there.’

‘But you’ve just told me I have cancer!’ Judy screeched irrationally.

‘I have said that it is a 50% chance that the biopsy will come back confirming that you do have cancer of some form.’

‘What will I tell my husband? How will my children I’m dying? What… How long have I got?’

‘Judy, you need to go home and relax.’

‘But I have cancer, I can’t relax. I’ll have to book a ticket to see the world. I’m not even half way through my bucket list.’

‘We don’t need to think like that. Just stay calm, and wait for the tests to come back.’

‘How can I stay calm? This is crazy.’

The doctor picked up his phone, ‘Yes, hello, send in the nurse please.'

'What’s happening now? Why have you sent for a nurse?'

'To help you out of my office so I can see the next patient.'

‘Why?’ she lifted her shoulder to clutch her handbag.

‘It appears that you are making a habit out of expecting the worst, and I simply don’t have time to counsel you.’


  1. Not much of a bedside manner on the doctor! Hopefully most are much more compassionate than this.

  2. Hey I think I've been to this Doctor :)

  3. This definitely works both ways, I can see the pov of both characters - she's jumping to conclusions (the worst outcome) and he could be more understanding.

    Nicely pitched between the two.

    marc nash

  4. Yes, I agree with Marc that you manage quite well to allow the reader to see the story from the pov of doctor and patient.

    And he COULD be more understanding!

    My experience with doctors is that they never allow enough time for what a patient needs. :)

  5. He could at least refer her to a counselor...what a horrid experience. :(

  6. Typical, bloomin' doctor. Grrr.

  7. The sad thing, there are patients like this, never satisfied and always thinking the worst. Too bad the doctor didn't recognize sooner and not mentioned the dreaded "cancer" word until after the biopsy.

  8. Some doctors just suck at breaking bad news and explaining it to their patients. He can't be so dense that giving her a cancer scare fails to register.

  9. That doctor sounds quite familiar... nice flash! :)

  10. Funny! I love it when we have nerve enough to inconvenience doctors and such other-worldly, too-busy-to-be-troubled persons. (Never too busy to spend our cash, I notice.)

    Good dialogue.

  11. I hope I never see this doctor, but I can also see his PofV, I can also see her PofV, when you get news you presume the worst! Good dialogue

  12. I feel sorry for her and all but still, THIS WAS FUNNY!!!! I know, I'm sick... but her saying she's only half done her bucket list made me giggle. Great story

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