Friday, July 9, 2010


Friday Flash Fiction
Written for Soft Whispers Pic 1 k - 2nd prize winner

‘Des, do you remember when we were in the building phase?' Joe asked. 'And we thought nothing would come in our way, and we were as tall in chest as anyone had ever seen.'

'Sure, I remember,' said Des, 'some 40 years ago now.'

'We had the market sussed, we had all the tools to make it.'

'But we didn't, did we Joe?'

'Do you reckon it was that freak storm that wiped out half our buildings? Do you reckon we would have made a buck if we weren't taken out in that storm?'

Des shook his head, 'I don't know if we had what it takes. I mean, look at us now.'

'What do you mean? We're successful.'

'Yeah, but in our jobs, not in our own business.'

'I did love the idea of us working our own business though.'

'Yeah, me too Joe. It was good working with you 'til we were forced out.'

'It was a wild storm, a tornado like has never been seen in these parts. Sure did scare the wits out of me.'

'Yeah, it was pretty freaky,' remembered Des.

'Imagine if we were in the structure across the road when it hit, we would have been smashed to smithereens with the twister.'

'That is true Joe, but thankfully we weren't. We were across the road and the structure that was over our head is still standing today.

'Are you ready to sign that papers then Des?'

'Yeah, for sure, we've held onto a wasted dream long enough. Put up the sold sign. It's time to let go.'


  1. Oh, it is so hard to finally let go of a dream!

    Do like that you presented this in dialogue form. It works very well. :)

  2. I agree with Marisa: you describe these who really well just with their dialogue, the whole of their history stretching back just from their memories.

  3. 'It's time to let go'.... so true. I really enjoyed it, thank you Michelle.

  4. Good little goodbye, before it's good to move on.

  5. Hopefully, better things will come for them... Here's hoping.


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