Friday, June 4, 2010

In the Lie

Friday Flash Fiction
Writing Adventure Group #25: Breakin the Law

June was coming, she had it all sorted. Everyone knew the whole story, no one knew the truth. ‘It’s in the telling,’ she told her bird. ‘But somewhere in the telling, I’m in a muddle as to the story and the truth.’

Her bird whistled.

‘Well, I know you are real. But what else is? June, she must be real. I just spoke to her on the phone. You heard me didn’t you? No? Maybe I was just talking to you, thinking I was talking to June.’

She dusted the bookshelf beside the birdcage.

‘I’m going anyway! I’ve told Jamie and Susan that I’m picking her up. Yes now I’m sure the plane lands at 3:30 and I told her… Did I tell her? I know I told Susan I was picking June up at 3:30. Now what was the number of the flight?’

The bird flapped his wings.

‘Oh stop that, I’ve got it sorted, at least I’m in control now. No one can control me. I’ve got it sorted. I’ve told the story over and over, I know they know that I know, that we all know, that it really is the truth.’

The bird clung to the side of the cage, poking his beak through.

‘At least you know that everything I say is true. Within the story the truth rings out, it’s my story I know what’s right. Woven in and out, life would be dull and boring if we didn’t add a little extra to its lustre. It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe us. We are happy.’

Question.... when does a little fib become a huge lie? when does a lie break the law?


  1. By knowing little or nothing, the bird knows the truth. Maybe nobody else. I hope she makes the flight.

    For the questions!

    1) when does a little fib become a huge lie?
    At 52.5 pounds.

    2) when does a lie break the law?
    When it's told in court or to an officer or the law.

  2. The bird knows everything. O.o

    1. Huge lie? When it's told at least 3 times.

    2. Break the law, agreeing with Wiswell up there.

  3. The answer to both is "when you get a pimple on your tongue ..."

  4. ha haaa great answers.... tho I do believe you break the law the moment you break the law.

  5. I read a quote once that said: If the truth doesn't fit the story, change the truth. :)

    And, yes, life would be dull and boring if it's not polished now and again.

    A little fib becomes a huge lie when one has to keep on lying to cover up the previous ones.

    Hmm. A lie breaks the law when it becomes the truth.

  6. Madness! What a fun piece.

    Little fib and huge lie are miles apart. There's a country in between and they never become each other.

  7. Fun! You must know my mother :-) You know, the truth is different for each of us because we all interpret events differently.
    As far as lie vs. fib. I think fibs are meant to spare other's feelings, lies are meant to spare us of consequences.

    No, that's a lie. I just made that up :-)

  8. Not sure about the truth, but her mind sure seems muddled. I wonder just who she's going to end up with at the airport.


  9. I loved what Shannon said. Yes!

    Nice writing, Michelle; tight, busy, visual. Very interesting indeed.

    PS: Loved the bird. What a character.

  10. Very busy piece with the bird as the star of the show. I Had fun reading along as the confusion grew.

  11. Very well written. If this was the opening to a novel, I would definitely be reading on!

    Wonderful stuff. I hope you continue with the Writing Adventure Group!

  12. I think it's quite sane to talk to animals... I enjoyed the post.


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