Sunday, June 27, 2010

Footprints Blog Tour

I was introduced to a great little magazine last year called ‘Footprints’. They have just hit an exciting milestone of 50 issues and to celebrate they are doing a blog tour.

It is such a privilege to host Janet from the Footprints team here at my blog on her tour.

Give-a-way information and further tour dates are at the bottom of this post

Wow congratulations, 50 issues is a great achievement. When you started 12 years ago, did you expect you would still be going?

Thanks Michelle! When I first had the idea for Footprints, I gave it a lot of thought and prayer, and made sure I counted the cost. I knew that if I started this magazine, it would most likely be a lifelong commitment. I was blessed to find half a dozen friends who “caught the vision” and encouraged me to make this dream a reality, and some of them have been working on the magazine with me, ever since!

However to actually get to this milestone and be able to look back upon 50 issues, and all that we have achieved along the way, and the people whose lives have been touched – it’s great!

Who is your target market for ‘Footprints’ magazine?

Australian Christian women who are looking for a positive alternative – a magazine that builds their faith, instead of glorifying the occult, celebrities, promiscuity, and all the other stuff that most magazines have. The majority of our readers seem to be between 30 and 75 years of age, but they come from all different walks of life. (And I’m told the menfolk don’t mind reading Footprints too, which is a bonus! Many is the time I’ve heard a subscriber lament that she hasn’t had a chance to read the latest Footprints because her husband has disappeared into the “reading room” with it!)

What is it that drives you to publish a magazine each quarter?

Just knowing that there are women out there, longing for the next edition, and needing a faith lift, is a huge motivation!

‘Footprints’ is a beautiful Christian magazine, though I think anyone would enjoy the uplifting stories. How do you market the magazine?

Marketing could be a fulltime job on its own! The internet is instrumental to our marketing efforts – it’s cheap, and accessible 24/7. We have a website, a blog, a Facebook fan page, an email chat group, and a free monthly ezine. These help us not just introduce people to Footprints, but also keeps putting us in front of them on a regular basis which I’ve read is the secret to any marketing strategy.

We have tried many things over the years – a couple of the other Footprints members (as well as myself) will sometimes speak at women’s groups or church functions; we have had brochures, and stalls at Christian events such as Easterfest. Marketing has always been a challenge because we have always operated on a shoestring budget. However the most effective method of marketing is FREE – and that’s word of mouth! It is immensely satisfying to hear from a new subscriber that they just had to sign up after hearing their friend rave about Footprints …

Where do you get your inspiration from to keep the magazine new and fresh? What’s your favourite magazine outside of ‘Footprints’?

I find ideas are everywhere! I get inspired by sermons at church, from my own personal Bible reading, from conversations with friends, and issues that I may be facing in my own life, as well as from other magazines. “Readers Digest” is probably my favourite magazine besides Footprints, it’s a good read.

What are your hopes for the future?

How long have you got?! Just kidding. I do have big dreams though, mainly because I believe so strongly in what God is doing through the pages of Footprints. I’d love to see us connect with the widest audience possible, so that they may be blessed!

Thank-you Janet for allowing me to interview you and a huge thank you to the Footprints team. You are all really doing a fabulous job.

To celebrate this fantastic milestone I want to give away a little piece of Footprints.

This beautiful book Decadence is filled with inspiring stories.
To win all you have to do is leave a comment below. (make sure you have your email address linked to your profile or leave some way for me to contact you if you win.)
*Aussies only*
The winner will be announced next Monday, 5th July. I use
Also if you'd like a taste of Footprints before you subscribe I have several pre-read copies that I'd be happy to forward to you.... just ask in the comments below.

Follow these links to follow the blog tour...

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•Sunday 27/6 – That's me! Here on my blog!

•Monday 28/6 – Moving on almost to Melbourne , with Kathie from Victoria at

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•Thursday 1/7 – Joni from the Blue Mountains in NSW plays host to the Footprints blog tour today at

•Friday 2/7 – Go west dear reader, as we chat with Narelle from Perth at (Narelle is also our WA state rep).

•Saturday 3/7 - Back to the Brissie girls, with the popular  for an interview with Cath.

•Sunday 4/7 – Still in Brisbane , with Paula at

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•Tuesday 6/7 – And finally, an interview practically in our own backyard with Tabitha in the Redlands at


  1. Hi Michelle, and thank you again for hosting us on our 50th issue celebratory blog tour!! Love the way you've hyperlinked to other sites too. Oh, and don't put me in the draw for the Decadence prize, I've got plenty already LOL ... I'm praying that God will select just the right person from your blog to bless with this book :-)

  2. Very cool! I haven't seen a blog tour before. :)

  3. Another great interview. Thanks Michelle- I'm enjoying following Janet on her "blog tour".

  4. I haven't seen Footprints before, so it was good to discover it here. Thanks for sharing. And enjoy your blog tour and continue publishing journey, Janet. Blessings to you both.

  5. Hi lovely Michelle - thoughtful questions and a great interview. Great job :)

  6. sounds great. a wonderful interview and giveaway. thanks for the chance to win! xo m.

  7. Thanks Michelle, have been enjoying following the blog tour. I love Footprints magazine and have been receiving it for years.

  8. Congratulations Janet on your fiftieth edition of Foorprints. I'm a newer subscriber but I can see the potential for your magazine. Keep up the good work and may the fifty be multiplied many times over.

    Thanks also, Michelle for an interesting interview. The blog tour is a great idea.

  9. Paula from Paula's sharing spot gave me my first Footprints mag a few months back. It's a great publication.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful interview. It is wonderful that there is an Australia Christian magazine.

  11. Sounds like a great publication, Michelle. Really enjoyed that interview...

  12. Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful spot to slip off my shoes and drench myself in God's goodness.


  13. Great interview, my turn on Friday, hope you'll pop by and say hi?!!


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