Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Conversation

Friday Flash Fiction
WAG prompt... the little things

'Can we just have a normal life?'
 'Why, who in their right mind would want to live as mere mortals?'
 'Tell, me then,' he spoke through clenched teeth. 'What has brought all this on?'
 'Well, I saw this family while I was having a coffee. It was a mum, dad and their children. They walked passed me talking about what they would have for dinner. They seemed so happy.'

'Is this where you thank me for fine dining, banquets and high rise apartments?'

She ignored his comment and continued talking. 'And as I sat there at the Coffee Club thinking about the lovely family, I watched all the other families with children and I began to think that we've made a huge mistake in not having any children ourselves. It must have been a while that I sat there as the same family that I saw earlier, walked passed me again with a loaded shopping trolley. They talked about the BBQ that the father was about to cook and how the children would help put together a salad. Imagine that! Putting together your own salad.'

'Yeah, who'd want to do that?'

'Me, I would love that. What is the point in this glamorous lifestyle?' she turned to look at him, her eyes demanding an answer.

But, he said nothing. As he stood up from his chair he knocked the coffee table over.

She sat, knowing she had to accept life as it was and expected no change. In front of her was a window reflecting her husband walking towards the sliding door to the balcony behind her. She saw him open the door without closing it behind him. He continued to the railing of the balcony and leant over kicking his legs up in the air. From there he fell head first from the 25th floor.

‘Guess that’s it then,’ she said with a slight smile on her lips.


  1. Ok, I probably shouldn't be smirking along with her...but, what a jerk! All he had to do was let her make a salad and have a baby...geesh. Men. :-)

  2. Woah, seems like a dramatic ending, I didn't expect him to do that! But now how is she supposed to have a normal life without him?

  3. Wasn't expecting that ending! Oh dear! Glad its her life not mine! I love my life being married, having children and making salads together! You made the simple things look beautiful!! You have a gift Michelle! xxx

  4. Talk about an overreaction! Some guys just really don't want to make their own salad.

  5. hey, I tried to stop him.. but some characters just have a mind of their own!
    Thanks for the comments :)

  6. And good riddance! What a perfect last line Michelle. This was fun. :)

    Funny - my captcha word is 'godrat'

  7. Oh OK - yep that was sudden and unexpected! Not so glamorous now is it?

  8. I didn't see that one coming, that's for sure. And it's hard to tell, did he just lean over, maybe in anger, and slip too far accidentally? Or was it intentional? Nice to get us thinking!

  9. Really thought-provoking and kinda funny and sad at the same time, Michelle. I like your style...

  10. Ooops...hehehe.

    That's it alright!! :)

  11. You defiantly put a twist in at the end, I had to read it twice to make sure I had read it correctly!

  12. Men are such drama queens.... and stubborn as hell.


  13. This is sad actually, many people do this in real life too... but great flash!


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