Saturday, May 1, 2010

The White Butterfly Project

What happens if you lose a baby during pregnancy or infancy? Often not much. Many women and men are expected to move on quickly and forget. As soon as a baby is developed in the womb a connection starts with their mother. It’s an unseen bond. This emotion can be suppressed but it’s very hard to completely forget.

A beautiful woman dreamed about holding an event to remember these cherished babies. She hoped the annual event would be held on the Saturday before mother’s day to reflect and remember. She called it The White Butterfly Project.

The White Butterfly Project has been entrusted into the hands of Generation Church. Wanting not to exclude but to include everyone who has suffered this loss, the White Butterfly Reflection Service is taken out of the church building and held lakeside.

This is a beautiful service to reflect and remember your baby too beautiful for earth. Your precious gift that skipped our world and went straight to heaven.

The reflection service is a time where you can be anonymous if you choose. It can be a time of peace just for you.

If you’d prefer someone to come along side you, The White Butterfly Project has a trained team ready to talk to you, if you have lost a baby during pregnancy or infancy. This team can be accessed at the reflection service or online.

You don’t have to contain your pain alone.

This is an initiative that will one day spread throughout the world.

Date: Saturday 8th May
Time: 7am
Address: Delfin House Pontoon
              235 Varsity Parade
              Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia


  1. People don't understand the loss of a baby until it becomes personal for them. So having something for those who have suffered that loss is such a beautiful way to remember and support each other.

  2. What a lovely idea. I so very badly needed something like this when I lost my first baby. This is lovely.

  3. I agree this is a wonderful idea and I too would really have appreciated something like this when I lost my baby. It would have been a great help to talk to someone who had been though a loss of a child as well.


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