Saturday, May 1, 2010

Announcing the Winners...

Before I announce the winners I thought I might have a little promo moment... (OK so once you've scrolled down to see if you won... come back up and read this... :))

This week I got into the head of WIP’s main character and wrote a poem. It’s posted over at Soft Whispers.
Writers - have you done this before - write something that the key character was thinking not to use in your manuscript - just for your own reference?
I found it added more to the character and has given me more substance to her story. Think I'll do it again!


It’s time to announce the winners of my celebrating 100 followers comp that's been running for the last week.

Using I put in the numbers 1-24, I wrote a number beside each comment in order as they came in and the 3 numbers that random threw back at me were…..

Winner …. # 20 Paula Princess Warrior Chick has won a beautiful Fifth Avenue Collection piece of Jewellery.

Second… # 11 ‘Kelly from Be a Fun Mum has won 'Personality Plus’ & ‘Get a Life’

Third….# 14 KraftyKathryn has won the Nzuri Beads bracelet


Let me say once again that I am humbled that you visit and read my blog.


  1. Great idea for developing a character, I'll definitely keep it in mind. And congrats to your winners too, happy weekend!

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners :)

  3. Woohoo for the winners! I kept meaning to join in the fun (and the contest before that one too). I just realized that you aren't on my google reader. I swear blogs disapear off that thing.

    Read your character's poem at Soft Whispers. So intense. The poem feels like lyrics to a song.

    I thought the last line

    'I want out, I want to live'

    was just perfect to wrap the whole poem (and the teenager's emotions) up.

    Just starting the edits on my novel, and I think this would be a cool way to get back into my main character's head again.

    Thanks for sharing and congrats to the winners!

  4. And yes! It seems you can do so many things at the same time. Perhaps 10 was an exaggeration, but I appreciate this about you. ;-)

  5. Hey, you found my random number fairy. She's great, isn't she? Congrats on a successful competition.


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