Sunday, April 11, 2010

I do miss reading blogs!

So I’ve been focused on writing over the past two weeks. Which means I’m sure I’ve missed heaps of your blogs and that makes me little sad. I’m allowing myself one night a week to catch up on blog reading and the rest of the time I have allocated to writing or study.

I received an email recently that said ‘After careful consideration, I have decided to pass on your story.’ This statement had me baffled for three weeks but I didn’t want to reply and ask what the editor meant. So the only other thing I could think of to do, was to submit another story. The following day I received an email saying, ‘Congratulations, your story has been accepted.’ I guess they didn’t like the first one and actually meant ‘I’m passing on it’ not ‘passing it on.’

Have you ever received something in writing that could be taken a couple of ways?

I have re-ignited my passion for writing picture books. I thought it was a market that I wouldn’t be able to break in to so I gave up before I really started and focused on other genres. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve join in with the twitter chat #pblitchat It’s everything picture book and heaps of fun. I have had two publishers show interest in two different picture books I’ve written so perhaps I can break into the very competitive market.

Do you ever give up before you start? Do you think its insecurity or lack of confidence that makes you give up?

I know my new routine is worth while, even though I do miss reading all of your blogs. I now have 18 pieces of writing out there waiting in somebody’s in tray. So I wait…. And while I wait for a response I am working on a novel, a picture book, a kids series and I like to add in a little poetry writing in between.

What do you have to say no to, so that you can meet your writing or other life goals?


  1. You've been working so hard! Congratulations on getting your story accepted and good luck with the other 18. I'm trying to find more time to write, but school holidays have really taken over.

  2. Oh congratulations my friend! I'm in the same boat - gave up on pb submissions and focused on other areas of writing for a while, but am feeling inspired to try retackling the pb market. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. Congrats - both on the acceptance and the amount of work you've done! Awesome :)

  4. thank you! You are all so encouraging :)

  5. How great! Woo hoo. I'm going to now ponder on whatI have give up on before I've even started. Hmmmmmm....xo

  6. Wonderful, Michelle! So glad you're actively submitting and putting yourself out there. Congrats on your acceptance - that's worthy of a huge celebration! Hope we can celebrate another success for you on #pblitchat soon :)

  7. I think it varies from week to week, the balance with writing and life. Sometimes too it depends on what I'm writing, if it requires my all, letting all else fall to the wayside. Congrats on accomplishing so much, and write on!

  8. It can be a disheartening in the pb market. I'm still trying to tackle it. I'm not quite at the point you are of saying no. I'm sorta a little bit over my head and my story writing has gone by the wayside a little and I want to reclaim that! Thanks for your honesty. I'm inspired.

  9. First of all:
    Congratulations Michelle, I'm so happy for you! great ongoing projects there, let us know how they're turning out from time to time :)

    answering your questions :)
    I have received answers which could be taken a couple of ways.
    It was really weird, I just sat there looking at the email for minutes on end, rereading it, making sure I didn't miss something...
    I also submitted new fiction which has been accepted after that so figured out what they really meant the first time around :)

    When I sometimes give up on even trying, although I'm doing my best not to, it has to be insecurity... I'm still just an emerging writer so that makes me step backwards at times.

    I also give up on reading blogs and #fridayflash at times when everything seems to be too much and I hardly get a minute to sit by the laptop, but I try to catch up as often as I can.

    (replied to your comment on the homemade roll-on deodorant)

  10. I miss my blog-reading time, too! I've had to cut way back, but I've gotten so much writing done in the last few weeks. It's worth it in the end.


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