Friday, April 9, 2010

The Giants are Coming


Friday Flash Fiction
First published @ Soft Whispers

The giants are coming

Bashing down the door

Getting into my head

Pounding at my brain

The giants are coming

Smashing down the houses

Tearing apart the streets

Destruction all around

The giants are coming
Run for cover

Guard yourself

Flee for your life


  1. I love it! Thanks for the SW mention! :)

  2. Loving the pace and mood of this.

  3. Good stuff.
    (PS: To comment on your comment on my blog, I have a lot of projects "on the go," too. Always something going on, you know? And I love writing poetry, sometimes it's a feast, other times it just leaks out between the edges of my day.

    Happy weekend. Your walk next week sounds like a good cause!!

  4. Very nice poem. Giants are run-worthy.

  5. Hi Michelle :o) Thanks for your lovely email and comments! I just found you again at Cath's connect2mums blogging christian mums group - she's great hey! So good with online community building. Anyway - just thought I'd drop by and say hi and have a great weekend! Joni xo

    Awesome poem by the way - so much fun!!

  6. I like a little whimsy to start my day. Your poem made me smile. Thanks.

  7. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading - I found myself walking around yelling 'look out! The giants are coming!!!' and laughing with my family for the week after writing this one.


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