Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Room With a View

A Blog This Challenge

This is my view. This is what I look out on from my desk. This is where I create extraordinary fictional characters and scenarios. This is where I mark my children’s school work. This is where I read email, Facebook, blogs and Twitter. It’s also where I study and where I write.

I have taken time away from this spot in the past few weeks . It’s been great to gather my thoughts and check my direction. I know I need to spend more time writing fiction, what I love most. I need to spend more time editing the novel I wrote back in November for NaNoWriMo.

As much as I enjoy the challenge of writing blogs and the challenges that many blogs like ‘Blog This’ give us to challenge ourselves, I’ll be taking a step back. You will still see the odd post but possibly only 1 or 2 a week. I will still drop by to read your amazing blogs but probably only once a week instead of a daily ritual.

I’m sure this is a short season.

Be blessed

Love hope and grace



  1. Is that your backyard? Looks so peaceful :) . I hope that your hiatus is justcwhat you need :) I'll be here reading still when you return :)

  2. Nice view. I only blog a couple of times a week, but I do try to keep up with posts daily. It is a huge challenge :)

  3. Jen, actually this is my front yard view.
    Jemi, you do an amazing job of reading so many blogs :)

  4. Hi Michelle
    I found you through Connect2mums.
    It's terrific that you're taking time out to write fiction.
    I have written fiction too -- fanfiction but it's my dream to get stuck into a novel one day... when the kids are older.

    Take care...

  5. That's a perfect view for writing. Peaceful, green but so stunning as to be distracting.

    My working view is the eggplant-purple wall in front of my desk. I like yours better!

  6. Wishing you much inspired writing ...

  7. Just coming back from my spiritual retreat, my advice is:

    Go for it.

    We should start a club, call it The Truant Writer's Club, for writers who play hooky on a regular basis.

  8. I used to live in those townhouses up on the hill in your view!

  9. Breaks are always good to recharge and revitalize.

  10. What a beautiful view! Good luck with the writing :)


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