Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Live Free Walk

I am passionate about many things. I hate to see people suffer. While I have a voice, I will use it in every way I can.


The walk is to raise money for Teen Challenge, who is building a home in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia for young women. While the girls stay in the home they will be in a program that helps them recover from drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, self harm, depression, anxiety, suicidal, tendencies, unplanned pregnancy and the effects of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Over on the right hand side you’ll see a donation link. The 5 km walk is on the 17th of April. If you are unable to sponsor me I would greatly appreciate your prayers for both the day of the walk and for the funds to finish the home.

My goal is to raise $1000. Please donate generously.

At this point in time there are no other facilities like this available in Queensland for young women.

 I think back to when I was a teenager I had suicidal thoughts, depression, eating disorders and I was a binge drinker. I don’t know how I made it through when so many don’t. I will share with you a little bit about my experience with an eating disorder…

I developed anorexia nervosa during primary school, somewhere between the age of 10 and 12. I was a chubby kid and I began to starve myself with the aim to be thin, thinking that I would be accepted. I didn’t realise I had a problem. I told myself I was petite and didn’t need to eat much.

When I moved away from home, not eating seemed to be picked up quickly, mostly by my friends’ boy friends. I hated being accused of having an eating disorder so I began to eat more regularly and with eating came extra weight. I exercised but the extra kilograms didn’t drop off quick enough so I started vomiting. This was my secret. Through my eyes, I was petite and I didn’t have a problem.

After I married Shane, I stopped for a while but started the routine again when my clothes got tight. This lifestyle continued for 2 years until I fell pregnant. After our third child was born, the urge to purge came back. It was only at this point that I realised I had a problem and it was out of control.

One night while the children were in bed and I was alone, I fell to my knees. This was too big for me to fix. I called out to God loudly yelling ‘No more!’ I asked Him to heal me in the name of Jesus.

That night I received healing. At times when I look in the mirror I still have distorted vision but I will continue to believe that one day I will see myself as God, and everyone else sees me.


  1. Michelle - Thanks for this heartfelt post!

    I have a friend who suffered (I think still suffers - I haven't seen her in years) from anorexia. She developed it at 14 and is now almost 40. Her life has been difficult. She even lost some toes because she took too much of a laxative or something, and anyway, it has been a very trying life for her.

    Thank goodness you are where you are today!

  2. THank you for your honesty, and I will pray for you to meet your goal.

    I never had an extreme problem but I was definitely an emotional eater. I had to learn to go directly to God and not food for my problems.

  3. That was such a brave and brutally honest post, Michelle. You are one amazing woman. Thanks for sharing.XO

  4. this is such a worthy cause and affects so many people. i am glad you received healing and i hope you reach your goal.

    Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Dreams

  5. What an amazing testimony of a woman rescued by Him who loves you more than anything. Thank you for sharing it.

    Love that you are supporting Teen Challenge. They are a great organisation - being the hands and feet of Jesus to people that we may never be able to reach -but they can. The house for women in Toowoomaba is so desperately needed. xo

  6. Your prayers, best wishes and sponsorship is very much appreciated. Thank you so much. Michelle xx


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