Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Means Yummy Yummy Chocolate

With Easter just around the corner, the world goes chocolate crazy.  Two and a half years ago it was brought to my attention that the cocoa in most of the chocolate we eat is farmed by children in inhumane slavery conditions. Don’t just take my word for it. Research and read for yourselves. Here are just a few links that you can find information regarding this.

Or watch a 2 minute you tube clip HERE

Easter is all about Jesus, he wouldn't want children being treated inhumanly so we can enjoy chocolate.

Right this minute my children are playing in the room behind me. Happily. They have all their needs met. They have more than enough food. They have weekly activities to entertain them. They are loved, cared for and treated as all children should be.

I read about child slavery and can’t help but weep. It’s crazy, in no way is it fair.

But I live in hope. I live hoping that every time I write something, every time I speak and every time I post a letter, that I cause a ripple effect. I hope the ripple causes waves. I hope the waves give off energy. I hope the energy is used to make a change. I hope that people stop accepting that others are being treated as slaves. I hope that you are as challenged as I am and take action. I hope that complacency and apathy is smothered. I hope that everyone can find hope and joy in their lives and live with peace.

It starts with me. I have been purchasing fair-trade chocolate about 50% of the time. Last night I made a commitment - I will now buy only fair trade chocolate and I hope you follow and encourage people in your world to think before they purchase cocoa products.

Together we CAN make a difference. Please take a moment to visit one of my favourite organisations Compassion and see how you can make a difference.


  1. I didn't know this!! I always do a unit on child labour with my students. It's important for them to understand how lucky they are - and that they have power. We've raised money as a class to help various organizations - I'll add this info to the list! Thanks :)

  2. oh, wow. that's so sad. and something to seriously consider.

  3. Wow! I hadn't thought about this either. Thanks for this great post. Good timing, because I was also just discussing the website "Fair wear" with a friend recently. My friend tries to buy clothes that are listed under "Fair wear". Of course, it hurts the wallet to do this, but we need to decide what is more important. Same goes for chocolate.

  4. Jemi - what a great idea for a class unit.
    Tess - it's hard to do 100% of the time but so worth staying fair trade as much as possible.
    Julie - Yes clothes - I know I need to rethink a lot of my purchases.

  5. I had no idea either. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I am going to blog about it in hope that I can spread the word.

    No child shuld have to live like this. xo

  6. It's sad, the things that go on for the benefit of others. And so often we are not even aware of conditions people are subjected to. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Oh great post Michelle. I'll share this one around ;-)

  8. Thank you for this - much - I wish I'd known. That does it- buying fair trade choc and melting it down and using egg molds for easter.
    will definately be reposting


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