Monday, February 8, 2010


The view from my desk until I dress the sliding door

Miss 2's eczema got infected last week - I felt like a bad mummy :-(

Kids had fun in the warm summer rain.

I thought I 'd change my template - what do you think ? I was trying to capture something more about who I am.


  1. I love your template... Oh yes... it says so much about you. And the pics are great! Oh that eczema... hurts a bit... but no bad mothers i see here!

    Lots of love sent to you from this side of the world!


  2. I agree - great new template :)

    Poor little one - looks itchy and annoying!

  3. I love the new look. The books are so pretty.

    Poor baby. Mommy not bad.

    The Simple Things Challenge

  4. Love the new look, Michelle!

    And OMG, your bubba. Poor thing. My daughter has the atopic dermatitis too. We've gone to lots of cream, prednisone, hydrocortisone etc. Right now we're using Eucerin and it's a Godsend. Then if she flares up, we use Eulephrat for the body and Advantan for her face. I also use QV bath oil.
    Good luck!

  5. I love the new look. If I didn't like mine so much I would so totally use this.

    Glad I found you on twitter...don't know if we will ever be on at the same time but we can always hope for the best!

    Sorry about the dear little one's eczema. My son had that when he was a tiny tot as well. It isn't so bad now. We can control it with aveno oatmeal lotion.

    Your not a bad mommy! We can't all be perfect and well who would want to be.

    Have a great day! :)

  6. Oh, poor little sweetie. Not bad mummy, bad weather! x

  7. I love the template, love the view and love the pool! And I definitely love the fact that you are not a bad mummy! This time of the year is a killer here for our kiddies skin! Praying that it heals soon! xo

  8. I've only swum in the rain once in my life, but it's a wonderfully magical memory.

  9. Love that view! And I know all about feeling like a bad Mummy. I am the queen of that feeling!

    Love the warm summer rains we have been getting. Don't love the mud so much.

  10. You have a wonderful view! Poor baby with the eczema...I've had fun...I hope she's better real soon. We're all so good at the mommy guilt, aren't we?

    And your views are making me long for summer as I sit and look at snow falling out my office window today.

    Be easy on yourself,

  11. I LOVE OLD BOOKS! They make my happy. Poor precious with her arm. Is it better?


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