Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a pretty special circle

This is such a lovely award. I am so very thankful to Laura Eno and Amy Taylor for passing this one on to me.

So the deal is I'm meant to pass it on to 5 people. I know I have more than 5 to pass it on to but I will stop at five. Thank you to everyone who reads and comments - you are all appreciated.

To you my friends - I present you with 'The Circle of Friends Award'

Kelly @ Be a Fun Mum
Thea @ Do I realy wanna blog?
The farmers wife @ Farmers Wife
Cassandra @ Moonboat Cafe
Paula @ Paula's Sharing Spot


  1. Congrats :) Thanks for the new links!

  2. Oh wow, thanks! This one is a pretty special circle. :)

  3. Thank you Hon. Right back at ya. :D

  4. put it on my blog and linked back to you.


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