Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Classroom Renovation

We have finally renovated our classroom/office/laundry.

Day 1 We cleared the room – Oh where to move everything in a small house? Most of the furniture was pushed over to the walled side to allow room for our builder to come in and cover the bricks

Day 2 The washing machine was moved for the first time in about 6 years… nasty

          The walls started going up

Day 3 Public holiday but our wonderful builder friend dropped in for an hour to do a bit more.

Day 4 Last bits of wall went up and gaps were filled.

Day 5 At 3am – crazy storm hit and ruined my old childhood desk sitting outside under our patio. Miss 6 is happy, she'll be getting a nice new desk soon.
         Plastering and sanding – eek the dust!

Day 6 Painting! I love the colour it’s a really light yellow – quill.

Night of Day 6 Computer was reconnected. Furniture moved back in.

Day 7 First load of washing in a week… rain rain rain – fits of laughter

Day 8 Rest

Day 9 Back to school!


  1. Nice work. an organized space is very good for learning.

    Poor Tuesday

  2. Oh I love it. I need to rearrange so I can get focused again!!!

    Enjoy that great new space.

  3. Very nice! Any reno is hard, hard work. You've done well.

  4. Wow, that looks great!!! So much lighter and brighter. What a nice space for all of you. Did you do anything with the floor?

  5. Looks great! What a change. Nice and clean! Now...get to work!! xxx

  6. That looks great. Must be much easier to focus now

  7. It's lovely! Your little ones must be so excited and energized to learn...very fun.

  8. It looks great! Well done. I must admit I love decorating and don't get the opportunity enough. Maybe I'll go clean out the husband is baulking! *L*

  9. Fantastic! Love seeing before and after photos! :)

  10. Your renovation looks great. It is much brighter and I agree being organized helps so much with getting things done. Thanks for the before and after photos too.

    Have a great day.


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