Thursday, January 21, 2010

Writing a Mission Statement

For a Bible College assignment I am to write a mission statement. This statement should be short, approximately 25 words long. The lecturer said if you can fit it on a T-shirt it would be the right length.

This is a really hard task. Last year in another subject I did the ground work for writing a mission statement but … oops I didn’t follow through and actually write it. So I’ve used the assignment from last year, pulled out key words and I threw them into a short statement. This is what I’ve come up with.

“To encourage significance. Be God led, faith filled, living extensively and generously. Advocating for women and children, speaking out for injustice. Loyally devoted to my husband and children.”

Well it’s 28 words long, and really it doesn’t cover everything. I think I need a mission statement for each of the hats I wear. If I left off the last sentence, this statement covers ministry. It doesn’t cover who I am as a writer, mother, homeschool teacher or friend.
I guess because this is a Bible College assignment it does need to be ministry focused. So I think this statement will be the one I hand in for my assessment.

Do you have a mission statement?

Feedback on my mission statement is welcome.

Love hope and grace



  1. I don't have a mission statement but am thinking it might be a good idea. I recently wrote a parenting vision which was a great exercise. A mission statement for my life might just give me some much needed motivation?! I really like your mission :)

  2. wow...i think this is actually a hard and challenging assignment. Does your mission have to include all the hats you wear? Can you just focus on one specific what is your mission as a writer?...which can definitely be ministry focused. i do like the statement above though!

  3. A personal mission statement is a great idea. Thanks for laying down the challenge...!

  4. You did great on your mission statement.

    I am sitting here thinking about mine and well I guess it would be...Lucky to make it through each day and still have children who survive to talk about it!

    It was meant to be funny!! Ha Ha LOL

    No I don't really know. Not something many of us really think about!

  5. I think it's very well written, has to be hard only writing that amount of words and needing them to make sense. Well done.

    CJ xx

  6. Its what you don't say that brings clarity.
    "Helping people experience their God given potential" is mine. It's easy to agonise over the right turn of phrase. However I think the key is to rework it until you are more comfortable with what you left out as much as what you left in.

  7. Hi Michelle, my personal mission statement as a writer is "no matter what I am writing, or who I am writing for, that I will always aim to inspire, encourage and inform." The rest of my life is not so easy to sum up, except maybe "to please Jesus in all that I do"!


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