Saturday, January 23, 2010

Speaking Out

Warning – the link is not suitable for children’s eyes

Sometimes I feel like I have no control over what is happening in this world, but instead of getting paralyzed with emotion and anger I now choose to do something. I can speak, I can write letters and I can share things with you.

'Women blindfolded and gagged: the latest in men’s fashion from Roger David'

Recently you may have seen or heard something about the T-shirt that Roger David is selling.  Melinda Tankard Reist explains it all very well here.

The reason I am blogging about this is to encourage you to make a noise for what you believe in. If you agree with Melinda (and me) please contact Roger David.

Sexual abuse is not OK and will never be OK.

Protect your children and teach them what is OK. They need to know that ‘No’ means ‘No’ and not, as some are promoting that ‘no sometimes means yes’

It’s a heavy subject so I will leave it to Melinda to write about at length. I have read her book ‘Getting Real’ – it’s fantastic, though parts are hard to read. I highly recommend it for you to read and resource yourself.


  1. I read about this in today's paper. It is so hard to shield our children's eyes (and subsequently minds) from these things that marketers so blatantly put out there. I always think of a song from Sunday School, "Be careful little eyes what you see..." I too am disgusted at the way women are so degraded in the media, for the sake of "fashion". Thank you for sharing this and may your voice make a difference.

  2. Oh these shirts are just terrible. How can anyone think they are 'good' in any way? I haven't read Melinda's book yet but now think I will. Thanks for being an advocate here.

  3. It is sad to me to see what this world is coming to. I see the good things in the world, but this is disgusting.

  4. breaks my heart and hurts my spirit

  5. This is news to me...I try not to watch any television, etc.

    That is outrageous! I will be reading more about this however. Thanks for sharing so that everyone can make some hard nosed decisions!

  6. Wow. I didn't know about this. Thanks for shedding light on it.

  7. Thanks for this post Michelle. It seems that this matter is not going to go away quickly with all the attention it's getting. Totally wrong!

  8. What a ridiculous shirt. Never heard of anything so stupid.

    Thanks for posting on it Michelle. x


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