Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recycled paper

18 months ago we made some recycled paper as part of social studies. Out of the blue miss 6 asked to do it again. It’s fun and easy.

Get a bowl, half fill with water.

Tear newspaper or old papers into small pieces – 1cm – 2cm squares or shapes. Let them soak in the water for a couple of hours.

Squish and squeeze making it look as much like soup or porridge as possible.

Use a baking dish turned up side down.

Squeeze out the water and push the mushy paper onto the pan.

Use a rolling pin and roll in out pressing down firmly and letting excess water run off.

Put in the sun until it’s baked hard.

This one was made just last week and it proudly sits on our table as a place mat.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my Blog. we attempted to make paper once. It turned out very interesting.

  2. I just made follower #40!

    I didn't realize I wasn't following you. I had you in my bookmarks.

  3. Cool!
    Who needs a paper making kit?? :)

  4. Oh Michelle, this is SO cool! I actually have a paper making deckle somewhere in the mess I call my garage, so I think I might hunt it down and give not only your idea above a try with my daughter, but use the deckle too.

  5. Interesting... good stuff!


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