Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Lady Beetle

I get really excited when my kids direct their own learning. It’s one of the fun parts of home education.

Miss 6 found a lady beetle in the garden that she carried around with her for hours. She named it Lily and it was her new pet. We found a plastic container to house her new pet, punched some holes and added some grass. Sometimes when the kids find something interesting like this we open out books and do searches on the computer.

I thought this was going to be one of those moments. So I rummaged through our animal, insect and bug books ready to delve into the interesting world of the lady beetle.
Miss 6 it seems was more interested in the other things on the pages of the books. Lily was way more interesting to play with than to read about. Lily was in and out of the plastic container like a yo-yo. Even miss 2 carried the bug around for a while.

I guess one thing she learnt is that it’s hard to keep a lady beetle as a pet. Later in the day Lily flew away. Thankfully it didn’t upset Miss 6.

We were also happy that we’d snapped some photos to remember Lily. Overall I think Miss 6 enjoyed observing, talking and playing with the little lady beetle.


  1. Awww, how sweet. Glad she wasn't upset when it flew away.

  2. My kids loved bugs when they were little. Their kindergarten teacher had them make bug collectors and they studied them before releasing them into the wild (aka - the school yard)

  3. It must be great living in a place where it's warm enough to find a ladybug in January. *sigh* It's ice and snow and no sign of life here...

  4. Hi Michelle, the bracelet I won in your giveaway arrived today and I absolutely LOVE it! It's so beautiful thankyou very much :)

    I love it when my boys really grab onto a learning opportunity like your daughter did....

    Thanks again

  5. In Illinois, it is a brutal 27 degrees right now, so I am loving the thought of ladybugs and playing with kids outside. In the summers here- July/August timeframe, we catch lightning bugs (fireflies) at night in jars. We've also raised butterflies. Both were terrific learning experiences for the girls.

  6. Ladybugs are definitely my favorite insect. So happy!

  7. that's so cute! my little one isn't in that stage yet, but i can't wait. lady bugs are sweet and i'm glad the experience was a nice one. by the way, thanks for stopping by my blog!


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