Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day 2010

Smothered with screen

Snacks packed

Snags for BBQ

Water sufficient

Perhaps not for some

Car spot on the hill

Park full of friends

Life guards alert

Police all around


No riots this year

Sticky and sweaty

No sand or surf for me

Sand dance hilarious

All who dared

Jumped and ran

Shade not enough

Smiling I began to melt

Good bye, farewell

Another party to attend

Sleeping beauty in back

Air con car for rest

Cricket set up

BBQ lunch

Lunch it was not

Food saved for afternoon

Quickly wilting

Attempting survival

Willing the breeze

Praying for rain

Heat overcame

Packed up

No food for me

Flaked on bed

Exhausted delirious

Refreshed by swim

Filled with food

Sun kissed skin

This day would do well

To celebrate in the cool!


  1. Sounds like you had fun! Hope it was a wonderful celebration.

  2. WOW That's a real description of such an evenT!
    Great poem

    you should have celebrated by the beach though!!

    I love it and cannot conceive such heat as I write to you- my dear- from this other side of the world...Isn't It amazing?

    thanks for your comments!

    Good teaching!

  3. Awesome! Makes me want to hop on a plane & join you. Happy Australia Day :)


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