Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Things that make me happy

TAGGED! By Thea at doireallywannablog

10 things that make me really happy…

Not in any order.. just as I thought of them really

1. Hot drinks (with aircon in summer so I don’t sweat while drinking them) Tea – regular, earl grey, chai, herbals mmm I love Tea. Coffee – Fair trade and usually decaff. Mmmm I love coffee. Hot Chocoate, even hot water???!!

2. God. My saviour, my rock, my confidant

3. Water – from the sky, from the shower, to drink, rivers, creeks, pools, oceans. I love water. And I just realized last week how inspired I get to write when it’s raining – happy happy

4. Dining out – mainly with my hubby, I love having his uninterrupted attention for an hour or so.

5. My Hubby – he’s hot!

6. my kids – Joyful happy smiles every day! ( ok mostly in between their tiffs)

7. Air conditioning – I love 24 degrees Celsius!

8. Writing – JOY joy to my soul

9. The computer – I wouldn’t be a writing if I had to handwrite or type. Happy happy

10. The internet – email, facebook, twitter, blogging. I’m amazing with the connections I’ve made overt the last 2 years. Connecting with people makes me happy.

Now that I’ve thought of ten I could probably go to twenty… my church… my friends… my Tarago… the farm I grew up on…my extended family… children getting sponsored… [somebody stop me!]

Now you are tagged! Go for it!

I look forward to your 10. And remember to tag 10 ten of your friends.

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PS  ... an after thought... I don't want to just limit the tagging deal to 10 people. If you feel the urge post 10 things on your blog and comment here with your link. I'd love to read yours as well.


  1. Very nice!

    I love these lists. They're so positive and make us think about all the good stuff in our life.

    Beautiful Michelle.

  2. Hi, Michelle. Great idea for starting the day. My list is here.


  3. Thanks for the tag! I am definitely with you on a few things here; hubby, child, and God.

    Best wishes, CJ xx

  4. Great list! I'm very inspired by water as well. Love the new website look!

  5. Thanks for the tag Michelle, after a bad day it was good to sit and focus on all the things that make me smile. Have played along so you can check out my list when you have time!

  6. Maybe I will do this next week on the Moonboat!

  7. oooo, oooo - I've been tagged and I missed it. lol. I'll do it quickly now:

    1. reading under my doona with the air-con on.
    2. hiking and randomly stopping, stretching out my hands and breathing it all in.
    3. my husband, children and sisters
    4. God: He is everything
    5. connecting with people
    6. tea in special tea cups
    7. telling myself before leaving a beautiful place, "I may never be here again," and taking a mental picture to store away.
    8.laughing. I love to laugh. My sister makes me laugh soooo much. ahhh, I love her.
    9. Trees. I love trees. I really love trees. There is something magical about trees.
    10. Dressing up to go somewhere.

    That was fun! Thanks!

  8. Hey Michelle! So sorry my friend... your posts weren't coming up in my reader for some reason, until today - now I have a backlog! LOL I'll do the same as Kelly and put my list here.

    1. My kids' giggles.
    2. My husband's hugs.
    3. Rainforests.
    4. Birds.
    5. Words.
    6. Strawberries.
    7. A great bargain.
    8. Lemonade.
    9. Blogging.
    10. Worshiping God with others.


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