Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random or Game?

Random Acts of Kindness v The Generosity Game.

In the past I have loved the idea of random acts of kindness. There is something special about the word kindness but I think it loses some of its luster when teamed with the word random. How often is random? For me I felt like it has been as little as once a year.

Recently (a year or so ago) my pastor, Vanessa Hoyes introduced me to the concept of The Generosity Game. I love it. I play it continuously. Sometimes I tell and sometimes I’m anonymous. I guess I’m a little competitive so when I think of playing a game I think of winning. So I’m always trying to win. Against whom you ask? Well that’s kind of the fun part it’s a game of solitaire in many ways and I find original ways to win.

Yesterday morning I woke up to the radio (which is normal), and I heard they were giving away a car service. My hubby is excellent at winning things off the radio so I sent him into the bedroom to listen to the radio and win. As expected he did. We had no intention of using this win for ourselves; we are blessed to have a great mechanic and money to pay for it. A solo parent friend who doesn’t have the cash and needs a car tune up wins the prize.

When I play the game, I get focused, I look for opportunity and I am very purposeful, nothing random about it.

Are you ready to play the Generosity Game with me? Or do you prefer to be random? Do you call it something else when to give to others?

Please leave a comment if you play or blog about it and send me a link.

Note - Please don't read this as an ego inspired piece. I am not bragging here. I just recieved a tweet from someone that made me realise you might read this in that context. Please understand I live humbly with overflow, an abundance which my God showers me with, it is out of God's goodness that I love to be generous. I want to encourage you to be more generous, don't hold onto things tightly, loosely carry what is in your hand and look for opportunities to let what you have flow through to someone else.


  1. What a nice post. You're very kind. :)

  2. What a story. I am going to tell my husband about this one.

    And you are absolutely right about pairing random with kindness. That's exactly the the reason it "clangs" in my head. I couldn't put my finger on it quite before reading your post.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for introducing me to this cool concept!
    I think there are limitations to the term "RAOK" too. In the TV series "RAOK" they feature people who are obviously very 'deserving'. They are people who have suffered a serious trauma or given lots of goodness to the world themselves. It's great that these people are recipients of the acts of kindness, but no way are they RANDOM anymore!Random acts need to cover everybody, including normal folk who are just living their lives, doing their best and expecting nothing.
    Generosity Game is a personal challenge as you said, with no limitations.

  4. That is beautiful! It makes me think of the 'glad' game (in Pollyanna). I often play that game to make sure I always find something to be grateful for.

    Kell xx

  5. I love Pollyanna! Thanks for reminding me of her :)


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