Saturday, December 5, 2009

Miss 6's Foldable Car

For the not so crafty mums…

I have had feelings of inadequacy come and go in relation to craft and creation with my children. I have also had so much pleasure watching my children direct their own craftiness and bring me the most amazing creations that they make pretty much all by themselves.

Recently a delivery arrived from, once the box was empty, Miss 6 asked if she could use it. She had all the ideas in her head and just needed a little help cutting the cardboard. Because I’m not crafty and don’t enjoy craft, I allow my children to tell me where and how and what if they need me to cut or help with something. My daughter had so much fun making this, and it was something she did behind me while I was on the computer chatting to other home school mums!

As they grow I feel less inadequate and more proud – at what they can accomplish when I empower them to do it themselves.


  1. Hey, kids love cardboard boxes, to cut up and to paint and to climb in. Perhaps even more than plastic shop bought crap! She looks very happy here!!

  2. I have fond memories of making all sorts of things out of cardboard boxes. Car, tanks, airplanes, rocket ships - you name it, a cardboard box and a kid's immagination open up a limitless world of possibilites. She looks very proud of her creation. :)

  3. Great work ... kids - they just have the best and most inspiring ideas don't they!

  4. Cool!! I can see her having a great time making that & playing with it. Maybe she got the 'crafty' genes from her aunty?? ;)

  5. Oh that's awesome! How proud does she look in her new set of wheels???
    Kids definitely have some great ideas and often just need a little help to make them happen. How kewl that you can facilitate this even when it's something you're not naturally drawn to :-)


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