Thursday, December 3, 2009

15 Fun questions

I’ve cut and pasted this from moments for mum. I thought it was a fun idea and I’d love you to play too.

15 questions Narelle posted on Friday play along here, via your own blog or just to reflect on them somehow. Please send me a link or tweet so I can read yours. Here are my answers…

1. What are the most important values in your life right now?
Integrity, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Friendship

2. The best thing about your family is?

3. Things that make you angry are?
People who abuse others, especially children. Poverty when most of us have much more than we need. (that’s actually Narelle’s answer but it is very me!)… Also liers.

4. The biggest dream you have for yourself is?
To be a published writer and then use my books for significance.

5. Your favourite hobby/thing to do?
Just one? I love to read, write and I also love to chat with friends

6. 2 things that make you laugh?
My family(kids and hubby) and friends

7. 3 of your favourite possessions are?
My pool, my tarago and my books

8. Your least favourite thing to do is?
Ironing – thankfully I have an ironing angel living next door to me
9. Your best 3 qualities?
I am honest
I am compassionate
I am a loyal friend

10. The achievement you are most proud of is?
Right now the fact that I wrote 50000 words in November – I wrote a novel in a month!
11. A mother you admire is?
Single mums – I think they do an amazing job.

12. If you could go back and change something in your life, you would change?
My low self esteem – I missed out I so much because I didn’t think I was worthy. Argh!

13. How have you showed love to someone else this week?
I gave a new mum to be a small gift that seemed to mean a whole lot more than I could have imagined.

14. Something you wish you could change about yourself?
(excluding physical attributes)
Confidence – need to not get so overwhelmed.

15. Your favourite quote?
‘The best is yet to come’


  1. Hi Michelle

    I was delighted to see that you had stopped by my blog. It is great to meet a fellow Auusie blogging mum.

    Some of your answers to the 15 questions are similar to what I would say. My biggest dream at the moment is to also have a book published.

  2. Michelle, great answers :) We are very similar aren't we?! And I see we read a lot of the same blogs! Can't wait to read more of yours.


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