Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Apple

Michelle D Evans
Friday flash fiction

She ate the apple, and before she knew it the world had a red glow and the sky was golden. She tried to swallow but couldn't. She tried to spit the apple out but it wouldn’t leave her mouth - she felt she had to keep chewing. Joan her mum walked in and asked what she was doing.
'Eeetchng', Lucy crunched.
'Well, I need to talk to you,' Joan turned her back. 'Come out here when you are finished that apple.' She lingered in the doorway for a bit before heading back downstairs.
Lucy chewed and chewed but just couldn't swallow. Her mum looked kind of orange, the world was now rocking and the colours were swirling in together.
'Mum!’ Lucy called.
Joan didn't return, Lucy tried to spit out the apple but it wouldn’t fall from her mouth. She tried to swallow again but it got caught at the top of her throat.
She stuck her head out the window to see if the fresh air would help. It was crazy, the sky golden - the earth was red raw - no green no trees or blue sky to been seen.
‘I told you,' she heard booming from above, 'I told you but you took no notice,' she slammed the window closed to get away from the voice. 'You can close the window but it won't stop me from getting into your head.'
Lucy eyes darted up and down - she spun in circles looking for the voice.
'You can't see me - you know that. You’ve gone and eaten the apple I told you not to touch! Now what do you expect? Do you think you’ll get off free? Do you expect nothing will happen? I think not but you don't know where to run - you have no where to run. You are stuck, stuck in here with your mouth full. Stuck in a strange coloured world and stuck in your bedroom forever. When I speak - next time listen.’
Lucy ran to open then door but it wouldn’t open. ‘Mum!’ she called, but there was no answer. She ran to open the window but it too was jammed.
‘Your world is now different - yes you will meet others who have chosen to eat the apple, but you will never see anyone unless they come to your room - your mother will understand with time. You will live with these consequences for what is left of your short life.’ The voice was so loud she was sure her mother would come to see what it was.
‘No, your mother can’t hear me; I’m in your head.’
Lucy lay on her bed pulling a pillow as tight as she could over her ears.
‘That won’t stop my voice from getting in. Eat one apple from that tree - I said and your life will not be worth living. Eat one apple form that tree and you will never eat again. Eat one apple from that tree and the colours of your world will be fiery. Don't ever eat one apple was your command.’
The voice boomed louder and louder – nothing would shut out the constant booming voice - this was her new life.


  1. The wrong choices are so irresistable. :)

  2. So the female is still taking an apple from the forbidden tree, eh? Not able to follow that one simple command.

    Like your modern reworking of the biblical story!

  3. Indeed, Laura - it's hard to listen, especially when the apple is so tasty ;-)

  4. Oh, temptation. That's the voice that needs to be turned off. Nice one.

  5. ah, temptation - one can resist anything but that!
    Good take on the old tale :)

  6. Tell me not to do something - if you want to ensure I'll do it.

    Wow, but the end of everything came swiftly for poor Lucy. I loved "...Come out here when you are finished that apple." Like that's likely to happen.

    I also enjoy dropping right into the middle of things in a story. You gave me just enough to orient myself. Nicely done.


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